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Conferences didn’t kill me.  Webmaster of our school’s website hasn’t either.  They’ve just made me question my sanity.

Ran a decent 14 miler this weekend. Now, it has me physched up for a race.  In a good way.  I am really looking forward to getting out on a cool, crisp, fall morning for a race.  Not that I’m expecting anything speedy, just that feeling…I’m already planning my 2013 race schedule. One of which I’ll be registering for on the 15th.

On another running note, I’m finally at that mileage status where I can justify run dates with friends.  Up until recently, I have primarily been running solo, or at least with Chase.  My brief hiatus and the gradual buildup have been healthy and good, but it’s so refreshing to pass the time chatting with Erika.

Oh by the way, be sure to stop by SUAR‘s site for a fantastic giveaway!  Even when I don’t win, I’ll be purchasing a ring for myself…or for a friend!


10 thoughts on “…alive

  1. glad you had survived && are ramping up miles again! OOOOOUUU! napa?! how fun!

  2. NAPA!!! Send me a text reminder, will ya?! 😉 xoxo

  3. ooooh- a half marathon in Napa sounds so awesome! Also… You know I have been trying to move to Boulder…well- my boyfriend just accepted a position in Denver! So, it’s not Boulder,but it’s close and we will be there at the end of this month! woohoo!!

  4. Hey thanks for the shout out…

    Glad running is back in full force for you!

  5. Sooo… about that Napa to Sonoma race. Turns out my friend is getting married that weekend so I won’t be able to go. 😦 We need to pick another one. I’m still gunning for a relay. This one might be fun!

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