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…race registration happy!


I did it. I registered for a race.

On Thanksgiving morning, I’ll be running a local 10k. My brother and bff will also be running the 10k. Even better that I can do this with family and friends!

While I’m not hoping for any PR’s, I am looking forward to running my first race in my Oiselle gear! Shaking the legs out a little bit, after many of months of not racing, will be just what I need to feel great! It might even kick start a quasi-winter-racing season…?

I’m considering a couple of races in December: a 5k and a half. I guess we’ll see how well the 10k goes.

I was looking forward to registering for the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon that will take place next summer. There are 5 half marathons in the series, and if you run all three of the California races, you are awarded a Vertical Medal. This is the last one I need! Originally, the registration date was posted for November 15th, but it has just changed to the 30th. I’ve never experienced this; and although it isn’t a big deal, I am just curious if anyone else has ever had this happen?

Hmmm…what other kinds of registration trouble can I get into?


8 thoughts on “…race registration happy!

  1. What other kinds of registration trouble? In my experience that’s anything involving a credit card.

  2. Napa!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I like this.

    • I figured you would! You inspired the first one anyway! Btw, Nick and I talk about CA all the time…such a lovely place! You know, he lived in Tahoe. Isn’t that where you were married?

  3. Good luck in your race! I’m running in a “gobble gobble” 10k as well, and a “hot chocolate 5k” in December. I’m absolutely LOVING the idea of the Napa Half Marathon! I wish I didn’t live so far away from Napa!!

    • Oooh… the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k was supposed to come to Denver, but didn’t make it this season. I was so bummed.

      I don’t live anywhere near Napa but it makes for a GREAT destination race! 🙂

  4. YAY! excited that you are registered for a race. a 10k! so brave, those things hurt. i guess 5k’s do too, but they are over quicker! i have to admit i crossed my fingers that you had registered for the turkey trot in denver! i think luke && i are going to be able to make our way down there! also super excited for you to post pics of you in your sweet oiselle gear! i love their race kits!

    • Heather said NO 5k’s!! I figured I wasn’t quite ready for a half yet. However, I’m not really ready for a 10k either! I’ve done ZERO speedwork. Oh well. Gets me back into the swing of things…

      There were so many turkey trots to choose from! I’m sure I’ll see you at a race soon, though. :0

  5. Yay for Turkey Trot! You are still gonna be speedy even without any speed work of late! I have no doubts. 😉

    Yay for Napa!! I have an alert saved to my trusty iPhone!!

    Miss you lots! xoxox

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