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…Redline Turkey Day 10k


This past Thursday, I ran a 10k Turkey Trot. It ended up being the fun run that I wanted: running with friends/family, low impact on my still recovering hamstring, and my first race as a Oiselle ambassador!

The day started early, as I had an hour drive from my house, north of Fort Collins. The race was being held at the Broomfield Commons Park. Ironically, a race location for one of the high school meets when I helped coach high school cross country years ago. My brother and I arrived early (7:45am), as we still needed to pick up our race packets. The event area was fairly empty, save a slew of race volunteers. I suppose most participants were taking advantage of the late 9am start time.

So, Matt and I killed some time, sitting in his truck, staying out of the cold and wind. When Erika and her husband showed up, we met them near the start for a quick stretch session before heading to the line.

Miles 1-3 were so fun! Matt, Erika, and I all had somewhat similar race pace plans and we were conversational through mile 3. Making jokes, laughing, sharing running injury stories. Just the kind of lighthearted 10k you want to run! Then we hit some hills. And directly into a headwind. Miles 4-5 were a little more difficult to maintain the pace we had set for ourselves in those first few miles. But hey, we were still passing people up the hills. Might have been a fun run, but I can’t take out that competitive edge! 😉 The final mile went quickly and we picked up the pace a smidge as we got closer to the finish.

Time: 48:49
Overall: 89 of 364
AG: 8 of 93

Happy to be back racing! Now, I might want to consider some speed work…


6 thoughts on “…Redline Turkey Day 10k

  1. 48:49. Conversationally for at least some of it. And you need “speed work”. Sheesh. Running in shorts! Must be nice. Classy looking top!

  2. Dang it! I was there too. Would have loved to meet up with you!! And miles 4-5 were heinous, IMHO 😉 and then of course mile 6!!! That wind…So good job.

  3. Yay! And you look GREAT!! Congrats!

  4. how stinkin cute are you in your Oiselle racing kit?! LOVE! xo

  5. you make that oiselle race kit look adorable!!! also, i love how your fun run 10k is like less than a minute off my 10k PR.. haha! “hi, i’m the blonde && i’m really fast!!!” you’re going to be kickin ass && taking names once you start racing again! great pics with the fam!

  6. great recap, but I have to agree with the others. All I could think was how stinking cute you look in that pic!
    Makes me want to by some Oiselle, so they’re doing something right in picking their ambassadors. 😉
    Nice 10k!

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