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…the Resolution Run 5k 2012


On a whim, I decided to run a 5k to end 2012.  I have never run a Resolution Run, but have wanted to for several years.  So, when we realized we would be home for New Years, I started shopping for a local race.  I found a 6pm race on the 31st to be run through the CSU campus.  Good enough for me.

I haven’t run a 5k in nearly two years.  From what I remembered from that experience, as well as all of those 5k’s in high school cross country, is that they are fast and they hurt.  I was expecting the same from this one.

So, I was nervous.  I was nervous about the short distance.  I was nervous about the hamstring.  I was nervous about not having done speedwork in months.

But when I toed the line, I put it all behind me and just focused on flying through the next 3.1.

The race would be two small laps around the interior of campus along with a short out and back.  It was dark and cold.  15 degrees or so.  And I would soon find out that about 1/3 of the course was snowpacked and icy.  My plan was consistency.  Especially in mile 2.  My all time worst mile in a 5k.  I know many of you can agree with me!  I wasn’t sure what my time goal was going to be.  It all depended on how the first mile went and felt.

The group of us (a few hundred) gathered at the informal start line.  At the countdown, we were off.

Mile 1-6:53

We immediately started on snowpack and ice.  I saw a group take off and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them.  Instead, I weaved through a few, found a pace and held through a handful of left turns.  The course was marked fairly well with an arch of orange cones at each turn, along with a few volunteers waving flashlights.  I’d never raced at night, though I have run many time after dark.  I wasn’t sure how the experience would be and considered wearing a headlamp.  I could have gone either way.

Mile 2-6:54

During another snow/ice section, I was seriously wondering if it was worth it to try to keep a sub 7 pace.  I mean, it was just a 5k.  Just a 5k I randomly registered for.  Just a 5k I hadn’t trained for.  Maybe this breathing hard thing wasn’t all that fun.  Oh yeah, back to the 5k’s-are-fast-and-they-hurt bit.  I figured I may as well stick with it through mile 2 and see about that last mile.

Mile 3-6:59

Fell off the pace a bit here.  Don’t really recall why.  I kept my eyes up to catch a few people.  And I did.  That’s always fun.  I was looking forward to wrapping this little race up so I could take a hot shower.  It was cold.

Time:  21:34
Overall place:  30th
Female place:  5th
Division place:  1st

I was surprised at my placing, but super happy with the result, despite the not-so-fast time.  I can’t wait to run another few 5k’s this year, hopefully with a little more training!

This race put me at 1337 miles for the year.  As I embark on a new challenge this year, I am excited for healthy running and many more miles for 2013.



8 thoughts on “…the Resolution Run 5k 2012

  1. Congrats! Not a bad way to end 2012 🙂

  2. Those Oiselle people must be pretty pleased at picking such a winner!

  3. That is a great time! Congratulations on 1st in your AG! Happy New Year

  4. Wohoo congrats on the win! Best of wishes for you in 2013!

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