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…2013 Race Schedule (Tentative)


2013 Race Schedule (Tentative)

March 16 – Sharin’ O’ the Green 5k (Fort Collins, CO)
April 6 – Golden Gate Headlands Trail Marathon (Bay Area, CA)
April 13 – Mt. Carbon Trail Half Marathon (Morrision, CO)
April 20 – Step 4 Life 10k (Brighton, CO)
May 4 – Greenland Trail 50k (Larkspur, CO)
July 21 – Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half (Napa, CA)

Looks like I’ll be spending some time in California this year!

While I don’t have anything truly planned until March, I am on the look out for something in February or even late January.  My official training for the 50k starts on January 12th and it will all depend on what fits in best.

After the 50k, I’m tossing around some ideas, but haven’t made any final decisions:

May 27 – Bolder Boulder 10k (Boulder, CO)
June 22 – Grandma’s Marathon (Two Harbors, MN)
June 29 – Leadville Heavy Half (Leadville, CO)
August 24 – Golden Beaver Trail Half (Red Feather Lakes, CO)
September 6-7 – Ragnar Colorado
October 5 – Fall EverGold Trail Race 10 miler (Idledale, CO)

It’s probably safe to say that I won’t be running all of the races I’m “tossing” around.  A lot of it will depend on how my body holds up during the first half of the year.  I certainly don’t want to overrun myself and get reinjured.  I just want to race healthy and smart this year.

Well, there you go.  I’ve set my race intentions for the year.

Now, let’s get to it!


14 thoughts on “…2013 Race Schedule (Tentative)

  1. Looks like a great plan! Joe and I will be running the Boulder to Boulder in May too, so you should definitely do that one 🙂

    • I haven’t run it in a couple of years because we’ve been out of town for Memorial Day. This year, it’s looking like we will be here! It’s a FUN race!

  2. This list is fantastic! I was looking up races last night, and CO and CA have SO MANY! I wish I lived closer out that way!

  3. Wow! That looks great. Will sit down sometime this week and try to come up with my own wish list of races for the year. Thanks for the inspiration! And please keep us posted on how the 50k training goes.

  4. Love it – let us CA Oiselle team ladies know when you are in the Bay Area! We’ll try to meet up. 🙂

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of races! I haven’t got any planned. I just plan on running daily.

  6. That’s a sweet schedule with some seriously tough races. Trying to find races that find in my schedule have been a little tough. I can really only race on Sunday’s without having to ask off work. So anything I find on a Saturday I have to request off for.

    However, ‘m 99% sure we will be at BB10k!

    We def need to get a run in together before then though!


  8. I would love to do a napa run…they sound right up my alley. Looks like a fun way to spend the year…training and racing!

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