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…week 2: Greenland Trail 50k Training


Oops. I’m already behind. This is what happens when you work full time, are in the midst of training, and are also attempting a somewhat social/normal life. The blogosphere becomes part of the backgroundsophere.

Here are the week 2 updates from 50k training:

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 8.07.54 PM

Week 2 Total: 45.74 miles

Monday: 5.66 miles
I had MLKJr. day off from work (thanks, Government!), so I spent the majority of the day painting the inside of the house. I was partially waiting for it to warm up a bit. Once mid afternoon hit, I took Chase for a 50 minute jaunt around the neighborhood. I was feeling pretty sluggish from the weekend, but we made it just fine.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 6.85 miles
3x600m hill repeats were on the schedule, so I joined Erika at a local trail with some decent hills. She had 8x400m repeats to complete, so I just added a little more of a cool down while I waited a few extra minutes for her to complete her workout. Perfect! 2:40, 2:42, 2:46

Thursday: 9.15 miles
I was shocked at my 8:11 pace for this run! The winds were at a ridiculous 24mph and with my workout the day before, I thought this run would have been much slower. I would have been okay with that! But low and behold, my legs felt great, so I went with it.

Friday: 5 miles
I slowed it down a lot for this one. I knew my legs were probably more tired than I realized after the previous two days and I wanted to save something for the next day’s long run.

Saturday: 12 miles
This run was completed at Lory State Park in Fort Collins. I hadn’t been to this area before, but had read many great things about trail running in the area. The open space extends to the west behind Horsetooth Reservoir. It ended up the being a beautiful “mostly cloudy” morning. The trail was primarily muddy, which caused a lot of slipping, but coupled with the rolling hills and I was in for a great workout.


Sunday: 7.08 miles
Stuck around the neighborhood so I could bring Chase. Pretty uneventful. We both felt pretty good!

I’m always happy to run with friends. Especially for those tough workouts! Erika is so supportive and encouraging in all of my running endeavors that any workout with her is a good one. I was also happy to run in a new location! Lory State Park is a must-do. I have plenty of long runs ahead of me, so I’ll be back!


9 thoughts on “…week 2: Greenland Trail 50k Training

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with the work thing, the training thing, the real life thing. Unfortunately for me, the sleep thing hasn’t been going so well.

  2. Nice work on the training! i am having a crazy hard time with the working full time and trying to fit everything in…there just isn’t enough time!!!

  3. Wow, Week 2 and you’re already running so many miles! I’m impressed – but also a little nervous for you . Remember to give your body a little time to rest and rebuild from time to time, okay? And keep those photos coming. I love being able to see where other people run.

    I’m scheduled to run a small local half marathon tomorrow but spent the day in bed with a nasty head cold. Hoping my energy returns enough to run tomorrow but, if not, guess I’ll have to look for something else to run in a few weeks.

    Good luck keeping all the balls in the air! I’ll be following your training with great interest.

    • Great advice! Thanks, Janice. I have been thinking that I’m not running ENOUGH miles… But I’m basing that on marathon training, on a road, where I want to PR. I am trying hard to slow it down. Especially on those trail runs.

  4. Hahaha, this is why as much as I would LOVE to do weekly training recaps.. I know my that my consistency as a blogger is absolutely TERRIBLE. Now YOU on the other hand are just a busy bee! I love it when you are able to write posts! (just so you know – but you already knew that)

    So impressed by your mileage at week 2 already! I’ve been looking at my training plan and I don’t even get up to 60 miles…for a 50 mile race! I’m thinking maybe I should revamp it? What do you have planned out for your peak week of 50k training if you don’t mind me asking? Jeeze… we just need like a coffee catch up date!

    Congrats on a great week of training!

    • I’m with you. Not feeling like I’ll hit enough miles for this 50k. Seems a bit strange to me. My peak weeks “seems” to be around 60, but I’m used to peaking at 70+ for marathons!! I might tweak it a bit. What plan are you following for the 50 miler?

      • It looks really similar to a typical marathon training program… except with back to back long runs and the plan itself is like 25 weeks long. GAH. With you, my peak weak for PDX marathon was like 62… none of my weeks on the 50 mile plan are that high! thinking of doing some revamping?

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