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…week 3: Greenland Trail 50k Training


Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 7.19.33 PM

Week 3 total: 47.88 miles

Monday: 5.7 miles
A weak storm brought some snow to the area right at the end of my school day. It made for a WET run with all those big snowflakes falling. I actually like running in the snow. There is something peaceful and ethereal about it. A loud silence.

Tuesday: 5.72 miles
A little ironic that this intentionally hilly run ended up being the same mileage as the day before. I’m just following the schedule, people! A pack of coyotes had made a recent kill, alerting me with their very nearby howls. Coyotes attack people in Colorado, as of late, so we are all a little more aware of them now.

Wednesday: 10.2 miles
It’s been really windy lately. And I don’t mean measly 5-10mph winds. I mean 20-35mph winds and gusts. Needless to say, Wednesday was one of those days. So, I was dreading this “long” run because of it. I chose a path where I would be somewhat sheltered from the winds with trees, but I still felt it so much on the run. However, I ended up with a 7:50 pace. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Thursday: off
My 3rd graders had a music program, so I opted out of a run for today, so I could by sweat-residue-less for the big event.

Friday: 5 miles
Just a quick run on my way home from work. Epic-less.

Saturday: 7.26 miles
I had intended to long run today, but the boy and I ended up running a morning errand, which turned into errands most of the day. C’mon! We ALL know it happens! So, by the time we got home mid-afternoon, I was less than excited to suit up and drive an hour for a long run. I decided to switch my weekend runs. Chase joined me. He loves it. But, I can tell he’s only running once a week with me. I had to drag him the last two miles! He certainly isn’t ready for 18 milers again any time soon.

Sunday: 14 miles
Chose a new trail in Fort Collins since I was going solo. This one paralleled Horsetooth Reservoir. The water was partially frozen, and you could hear the water/ice settling and moving around. Moaning like a baby whale. At least what I assume a baby whale moans like.


I’m following a basic “first” 50k program, but reference some of my previous marathon training plans off and on. I’m actually putting in fewer miles right now, at week 3, for a 50k than I typically do at week 3 for a marathon! I’m not sure if this should worry me or not.


4 thoughts on “…week 3: Greenland Trail 50k Training

  1. I love running in the snow. Especially big fat fluffy flakes, even if I do end up all wet after. The snow sucks up all the city noise, and it’s so quiet. I remain amazed at the milage you put in. I would suspect the pace is slightly slower for the 50 mile than a marathon, so a lower milage at the moment seems ok. But what do I know? A 10 K run would be big right now.

  2. Nice work this week!! You got snow on Monday? We just had rain in Denver 😦

  3. I think my Jemez 50K training topped out at 55 miles a week and that was only for 2 peak weeks…but I was training to finish rather than race, and a lot of my weekend trail runs were for time rather than distance because of the terrain.
    I feel you on the wind– spring training in New Mexico means WIND 😦

  4. “A loud silence.” Love that!

    No, I don’t think you should be worried about your lower mileage. The goal is to get to the start line uninjured and feeling strong. Better to build slowly.

    Your long run sounded glorious. Think I’ll head for the beach this weekend for my long run – the first in three weeks – because I was sick and we had a bunch of snow. Expect it’s going to feel a bit tough.

    Happy running!

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