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Confession. I don’t take Energy Gels when I long run.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to ONLY take them when I was training and running my first few marathons. But then things changed. My stomach was suddenly NOT happy about those sweet little Gels. I tried different flavors, different brands, but every time, I would get queasy. I would end up taking in so many less calories during my run because I couldn’t stomach this type of fueling anymore.

The last few years, I’ve experimented with various forms of fuel for my long runs. There have been many “no-ways” and several “heck-yes’s” along the way.

Water (can’t handle much else)

Energy Chews (certain flavors/brands)
Peanut Butter crackers
Justin’s PB packets


Recently, I ran across a photo, on my Instagram feed, of Marie‘s long run fueling options…


What?! We used to have these in our house when I was growing up. I never particularly cared for them, but I didn’t completely dislike them either. Not having eaten a Fig Newton in years, I decided it was worth a long run try.

Today, during my 20 miler, I took a handful with me and ended up eating all of them during the run. For me, it was the perfect amount of sweet and savory. And coupled with a soft outside, they were easy to eat. My stomach seemed to enjoy them as well!

So, I guess I add Fig Newtons to my “heck-yes” pile of fuel. At least I have more options.


16 thoughts on “…long run fueling

  1. I took fig newtons with me on the bike a few times and that worked out ok. However, it didn’t work for the run. Not sure why. I’m not so fond of Gu ever since that last one went down sideways.

    There’s an energy drink I make, starting with herbal lemon tea, stir in honey and a pinch of salt, maybe a nuun, and Orange Juice to taste.

  2. Those are brilliant ideas for energy! I am hooked on Honey Stingers. A couple months back I tried them. The brand has a couple different types of gels, but my favorite thing is their waffle. All of their products are organic.

  3. Thanks for the idea. My tummy does NOT like energy gels, either. Maybe one for some caffeine, but that’s it. Snickers minis work pretty well, if mixed with other foods. I’ve found it’s hard to eat healthfully on those long runs….

  4. On the runs where I bring fuel, I tend to choose Trader Joe’s jelly beans…A packet of peanut butter though is right up my alley..

  5. peanut butter packets are perfect! I never would have thought of that! I hate gels, but I usually do okay with the jelly belly sport beans.

  6. Fig Newtons are on my “heck-yes” list too because my tummy can’t take gels anymore either. Like you, I find some of the chews work well though and I’m going to have to try some of Keith’s concoction. Generally, I just take half strength gatorade in my water bottles but, on hot, humid days, I pop e-Tabs as well to try and keep my electrolytes balanced. It’s never good when those babies get out of whack.

    Congratulations on your training! Sounds like you’re doing great so far – though, given how sore you’re feeling after your long runs, you may want to throw in some extra rest days now and again. Remember, rest days are training days too. Think of them as the days when your body gets to catch up on necessary maintenance and repairs so that you can arrive at the start line uninjured and strong. 🙂

    • I’ve really been considering what you’ve said about “rest” being just as important in 50k training. I’m on a cut-back week now and am actually going to take an extra day off. I think these weeks will be really important. I am loving your advice and perspective! Keep it coming, J!! ❤

    • I have used salt tablets in the past and liked them. I probably need to get more for this training too.

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