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…week 6: Greenland Trail 50k Training

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Week 6 Total: 56.43 miles

Monday: 5.75 miles
As a teacher, I get those random government holidays. For President’s Day, I left the house for a slow recovery run around town. Holy WIND! My favorite, you know…This is why I don’t like winter on the Front Range!

Tuesday: 9 miles
Hill repeats! My hip had been a little bit tight since my weekend long run, so I had upped my foam rolling and heating. Everything held up great for my workout! While I’m not really sure what to expect/shoot for on these repeats, I do want them to be somewhat consistent. I don’t actually look at my splits or pace until I am completely done. I go off of feel. Here is how it went: 2:40, 2:37, 2:29, 2:39, 2:34, 2:31, 2:34.

Wednesday: off day

Thursday: 10.1 miles
I had a round of parent teacher conferences scheduled for tonight, so I took the morning off and was able to get my mid-week long run in around the county roads by my house. There had just been a small storm that passed by over night, so Chase and I made fresh tracks in several inches of freshly fallen snow. Cold, beautiful, and a decent 7:55 pace.

Friday: 5 miles
Easy run with Erika on an oft run trail. There was still some snow pack and ice to maneuver. My right arch was a little achy afterward.

Saturday: 20 miles
The off and on snow we’ve had has left the foothills trails a real mess. I decided to just stick to the city bike paths instead. I wasn’t thrilled about this option, but I also wasn’t thrilled about gutting it out through snow, ice, slush, mud, slipping, etc. I chose the lesser of two evils. Better than opting out completely, right?! At least I was able to get a few miles in on a trail around Dixon Reservoir. It was perfect overcast running weather. The calm before another storm…


Sunday: 6.58 miles
We were under a Winter Storm Warning when I took to the town for a loop. I was SO close to having the boy drive me to the gym so I could avoid the high winds, blowing snow, ice, and Yaktrak weather, but I decided to toughen up. I even took Chase with me to toughen him up too! Spoiler alert! We survived.

Is Spring here yet? I know the importance of training on similar terrain to what the race course will be. However, I’m stumped as to what to do when the weather leaves the trails either closed or impractical. I’m hoping that just getting out on the trails when I can will be enough. Unfortunately, the storms and poor conditions seem to be effecting those weekend long runs where I should be spending the most time on the trails!


One thought on “…week 6: Greenland Trail 50k Training

  1. Nice work this week! You must have been loving the weather we had the last 2 days. It was a nice change, but more snow is coming tonight!!

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