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If you’ve been following my blog, or “know” me through IG, Twitter, or Facebook, then you know I am a part of Oiselle‘s running team. Last fall, I was accepted as one of their ambassadors and race with their kit, promoting the Oiselle name. I couldn’t have been happier! I was on cloud 9 when I found out and am truly enjoying being an extension of such a fabulous woman’s apparel company.

While I already had several Oiselle pieces, I have naturally felt compelled to collect more running clothes along the way. As a typical 6-day a week runner, I am constantly “running” out of clothes to wear or washing the ones I do have a few times a week. Really, this is just a big excuse to buy more Oiselle. 😉 However, the comfort, versatility, and design of their products makes it hard to say no!

At the beginning of March, Oiselle launched a contest encouraging Oiselletes to create a running look with their product (old and new). Through March 22, participants need to post photos through IG, Facebook, and Twitter with #oisellelookbook. 12 looks will be featured on the Oiselle website, and the top 3 will win gift certificates.

I, for one, LOVE contests. As a kid, I was the Queen of Coloring Contests. My mom only freaked once when some man from Albertsons called to tell me I had won $5 for the best colored leprechaun.

So….I thought I would share some of the photos I’ve submitted to Oiselle thus far. Since the contest is still going, I do have more photos I’ll be posting over the next two weeks.

Stride short; 50/50 tee

Go long running tank

Stripey long sleeve; Stride short

If you haven’t tried any Oiselle products yet, do yourself a favor and change that! You really will love the way you feel and you won’t regret it!

More pics to come…


7 thoughts on “…Oiselle lookbook

  1. So cute! Love all your looks and the scenery behind them!

  2. I actually haven’t tried any of their stuff, but definitely want to! love the CO shirt 🙂

  3. I love your pictures!! Especially the go long tank 🙂 ❤ oiselle!

  4. Beautiful – their tops look so long (which is perfect – nothing worse than a too-short running shirt).

  5. Mmm…my comment didn’t show up the first time around. Beautiful photos – I’m loving that their tops look to be long (=awesome)!

  6. Your pictures are awesome! Love all the combos and am totally jealous of how pretty your running routes are.

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