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…Oiselle Lookbook Round 2


The winners of the #oisellelookbook photo competition will be chosen this week. I honestly think it’s a shot in the dark that I win anything, because there were SO many fantastic, creative, artistic photos submitted. But, it was really fun to take #selfies and have friends take photos of me wearing the beautiful Oiselle clothes. Here are a few others I submitted:

Big bird raglan tee

50/50 tee

Distance short; 50/50 tee

Distance short; Happy hoodie

Roga short; Rundelicious top

Silver “Wings Out” PR necklace


3 thoughts on “…Oiselle Lookbook Round 2

  1. These pics are awesome! I love the necklace and the 50/50 tee 🙂

  2. these pictures of you are great!! you should totally win.. because let’s be honest… who can beat our colorado scenery?!

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