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…week 13: Greenland Trail 50k Training

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Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 12.05.16 PM

Total Miles: 34.07

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4.75 miles
Still really sore from the marathon, especially my quads. I took it easy and slow.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 8.07 miles
My legs are starting to come back to me after the race, but I still kept it on the easier side.

Friday: 10.1 miles
Wanted to throw in a final back-to-back weekend, minimal though it may be. But I felt really great today! Feeling like I have my legs back with a sub 8 minute pace!

Saturday: 11.15 miles
Legs felt SO sluggish from the start of this run. I chose a new trail (Bobcat Ridge) that was very hilly and technical. My legs were throwing a tantrum right away and I had to force them to keep going. I figure they are still fatigued from the marathon, or they were tired from the previous days faster pace. Or both.

Was a little disappointed that my first week of taper ended up being so low on miles, but I am hoping that taking an extra day off helped me rather than hurt me.


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