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…after the 50k


In my first moments of finishing the 50k, I swore them off. Not for me. Not my cup of tea. I’m not meant to run this far. No way. No how. What was I thinking? Who does this thing anyway? I’ll take anything shorter. I’m probably meant for shorter.

But in these past few weeks, and even as early as a day or two after the race, my tune changed. I chalk it up to forgetting all the pain. But, I started shopping for 50k’s… Am I hooked? Maybe. Could be too soon to tell. But what I am hooked on are trails!

I have loved getting away from pounding the pavement and instead making new discoveries on our beautiful Colorado trails. I’ll admit, it’s certainly easier to find a frequently used bike path or take to the neighborhood sidewalks and streets, but as much as I can, I’ll spend time in the hills. Thankfully, the summer months will afford me the time to continue my exploration and truly be a part of nature.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good road race! I have several on the race schedule in the next few months, even:

Lucky Mile – 5.23.13
Bolder Boulder 10k – 5.27.13
Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon – 7.21.13

And of course, I’m shopping for more trail races in the summer and fall that I can jump into, either here in Colorado or in Minnesota for Nick’s and my trip back at the end of June.

As for that 50k I was shopping for…I’m still looking. And I’m open to locations. I don’t think it will happen this calendar year, but we’ll see where I stand at the beginning of 2014 and where the rest of this year takes me.


2 thoughts on “…after the 50k

  1. Mt. Werner 50k in Steamboat, August 4th. Just sayin.

  2. Chuckanut 50K in Bellingham, in March. Just sayin. 😉

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