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…Handies Peak and Lake City


The first week of June, my family, Nick and I went camping in Lake City. It’s about a 6 hour trek from the Denver area, but definitely pays back by way of the views, the 14ers, and the local bakery. We found a campground right on Lake San Cristobal; and since it was early in the season, there weren’t any other campers nearby.

This was our campsite view, including the beaver sighting on the 2nd night.


I also saw my first moose!


There were several Cat 1 and 2 14ers in the area, so we all summited Handies Peak together. “We all” included my parents (my mom’s first!), brother, sister-in-law, 2.5 year old niece, 9 month old nephew, Nick, me, and 2 dogs. We were quite the party! It was an early season 14er climb, so there was a lot of snow left on the mountain. Snow fields covered much of the trails, and on the way down, we were falling through, up to our knees, in the areas we couldn’t go around. Aside from dealing with the mud, of course. There was no one else at the summit, so we couldn’t get an entire family photos, but below are bits and pieces. Clearly, the view was spectacular…




There were also several waterfalls in the area, so we searched one out and viewed the North Clear Creek Falls.


The town of Lake City, in the San Juan Mountains, itself is small. 400 people small. Resting around 9,000 feet, it’s probably best known as the site for the Alferd Packer Massacre. Time to read up on your cannibalism stories. Main Street is all boardwalk, tourist shops, homemade fudge, soda fountains, bakeries, local coffeehouses, restaurants, and cute.


This was a great Colorado find! A hidden gem. I’d definitely return and recommend it to those who are looking for some camping/hiking/4-wheeling off the beaten path.

Next stop, Minnesota!


2 thoughts on “…Handies Peak and Lake City

  1. definitely adding this to the list of places to go!
    looks like a great b-day weekend 🙂

  2. Wow looks totally amazing 🙂

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