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…why the Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank is full of awesome


I’m back from Minnesota, and boy do I have a lot of fun stuff to cover: USATF Half Champs, running trails, a really cool dog (Chase), and more. But FIRST, I have to tell you how the Mio Mesh Tank was a win in the hot, humid weather of Minnesota.


I was definitely fashionably late to the Mio Mesh party. And what a mistake that was. This double-layered nylon mesh tank kept me surprisingly cool on those super sticky runs (i.e. 95% humidity). The light layers, combined with the mesh material, flowed and fluttered as I ran (not THAT fast-humidity feels like you’re breathing through a wet sock!), creating my very own homemade breeze. It was like I was running with an AC unit; or a big box fan, perhaps. And it made those super sticky runs a lot more bearable.

And for the ultra win, the Mio Mesh Tank transitions seamlessly for non-running activities. Shorts, skirts, swimsuit coverups? All, yes!

Trust me. This top is worth it! If not for yourselves (one Kanadian in particular), at least for the ladies in your life who deserve to feel like they are running with Kate Grace’s very cool cooling vest.

*Also featured in the #selfie: Strappy Bra


9 thoughts on “…why the Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank is full of awesome

  1. I’ve been eyeing this for a few weeks now (especially swimming through this humidity) – so cute! One question: what’s the feel of the fabric? I have a pet peeve/nails-on-chalkboard feeling for a lot of mesh-like things, and sometimes don’t like how they feel on my skin. But I know Oiselle always uses marvelous fibers. Thoughts on this?

    • I find it to be very smooth not the typical mesh feel! seriously my favorite top ever

    • Yes, like Katie said, it’s very smooth. I think I know what you are referring to with typical mesh-like things, but the Mio Mesh is a fine mesh, so has a different feel. Granted, if you don’t like it, Oiselle is great about returns, or I would buy it from you! 😉

  2. Hmmm. You think? Pity there is nobody in my life I could buy such a top for without some interesting questions. Because of course, I would need to make sure the fit is right, and we all know I have such bad eyesight.

  3. keith, you totally need a mio mesh tank!

  4. Love it! It’s def on my list! 🙂

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