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…USATF Half Marathon Championships


Somewhere in the middle of our long drive to Minnesota, I hopped on Twitter and followed the Oiselle excitement of the USATF Outdoor Championship where our very own birds, Kate Grace, Kara Millhouse, and Collier Lawrence, were racing with wings out. I was only mostly disappointed that we hadn’t planned our trip a little more carefully since we drove right through Des Moines, where the meet was taking place, and right about the time Kate Grace was running her 800 semi-final. But there was a glimmer of hope when I almost immediately started noting the Twitter references to the USATF Half Marathon Champs in Duluth that next day. Grandma’s Marathon was hosting.

It’s at this point that I’d like to play the “blonde card” for not realizing my good fortune until this moment. I don’t know how this little fact completely escaped me. Especially since I had been browsing the Grandma’s website multiple times the previous week AND I HAD OISELLE TEAMMATES RACING! Duh.

Nick and I were already planning to spectate Grandma’s Half to see his brother and some friends. So when I excitedly (kid-at-Christmas-kind-of-excitement) told Nick that THREE of my Oiselle teammates were racing the Half Champs, only several hours before we’d see his brother trotting down the road (completing his 1st half) and started begging if we could leave the house (north St. Paul) at 4am and stand around in the cold, misty, damp air, to make sure we saw the girls race, he sweetly obliged. He’s a good one like that.

And so, with only a few hours of sleep, Nick and I made the drive to Duluth for some serious spectating. Okay, it was really just me and my camera, yelling like an idiot at mile 11.

Marci Gage

Deanna Ardrey

Melissa Gacek

And the icing on the cake was this guy. Meb KeflezighiIMG_6672

I was so happy to have been able to see these ladies race. Inspiring to say the very least. Shivering in the cold, damp, humid air was TOTALLY worth it!

And then, of course, seeing Nick’s brother finish his 1st half marathon was pretty sweet as well! It would be silly to say there weren’t tears off and on all morning. I’m a race sap.

So there you go. Go spectate. Go run your 1st half marathon. Let me have my tears.


5 thoughts on “…USATF Half Marathon Championships

  1. I love it!!!! So exciting! And how awesome that you got to see Meb!!!!!

  2. His inspirational to see them!

  3. So great! Glad you got to be there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How exciting!! I definitely tear up when I spectate too!

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