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…Winona, MN


Not to be confused with the Winona tank from Oiselle. Though I did wear the Winona in Winona…

After the awesome weekend that was Grandma’s Marathon and the USATF Half Champs, Nick and I headed south for Winona, Minnesota. He had a project there to work on for the week, which left me to my own demises during the day. I took full advantage of the running trails in the area, promoted by my friend Erika who went to school at beautiful SMU. After spending a few days exploring on foot, I can honestly say that this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever run!

Winona is nestled between the Mighty Mississip’ and picturesque bluffs. And all you have to do when you get to SMU is start running toward those bluffs, trails appearing out of nowhere. They double as ski trails in the winter, so they get plenty of use year round from the college kids (Yes, I’m now at the age where I can call them “kids”). It’s a mini-labyrinth of paths encased in lush, green foliage making it feel like you’re a million miles away from anyone and anything. Cue the photos:





Lake Park
Approximately 5 miles of blacktop around Lake Winona (consisting of 2 lakes). Complete with a beach, water sport rentals, rose garden, gazebo, bandshell, etc. Nick and I ran this route a couple of times in the mornings before he’d go to work.




Holzinger Trail
Seemingly endless trails in the bluffs for amazing single track riding/running. Lush, quiet, serene. Nick brought his bike, so at least we could both enjoy what we love. This was one of those runs where I felt I could have gone on forever. Swatting bugs and dripping sweat, aside…



Clearly, a beautiful week of running in Winona! As much as I love Colorado, it certainly made me a little envious to be running on such green trails.:)


7 thoughts on “…Winona, MN

  1. I’m with you on missing the green of MN/the MidWest. Don’t really miss the humidity but everything is so lush there! Great trail photos!

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. Loved them.

  3. these make me want to go run outside so bad!! But considering the thermometer in my kitchen is reading 90 degrees.. I think I’ll stay inside today! So gorgeous!! I do love a good scenic run!

  4. It looks lovely, and cool, and peaceful- lovely pics!

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