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…a Oiselle giveaway!


As many of you know, I’ve been on the Oiselle racing team this past year. It has been one of the most positive experiences for me! Not only has it given me reason to push myself just a little bit harder, but I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most fantastic women. Their encouragement and support, both near and far, known and unknown, have warmed my heart and boosted my spirit. There is certainly something to be said about the running community. But certainly something extra special about the women who find themselves in the sport, are running and racing their hearts out, and want to see the same fire in others.

I am so very excited to announce that I was renewed for another year with Oiselle! While the team names have changed (Oiselle Haute Volée-sponsored elites, and Oiselle Volée-ambassadors) to reflect the companies French name, the concept remains the same. Run well, build community, race clean and with fire. The entire manifesto is here.

My recent trip to Washington, to see Gina, coincided with the announcements and I was thrilled that she was willing to take me to meet the entire Oiselle team at HQ last week.

A #runch around Green Lake with KMet and Lauren followed by coffee with JJ and Julie!


    To celebrate, I’m doing a Oiselle giveaway!
    Package includes:
    One Medium Start Line 50/50 Tee
    One Medium Rundelicious LS Running Top
    Random goodies I throw in


I have both of these tops and they are awesome! Perfect for running or lounging. Or both.

    To enter:
    Leave a comment below
    For an extra entry, Tweet about it!
    For an extra extra entry, blog about it!
    For an extra extra extra entry, IG about it!

Open to US residents only. 😦
The giveaway will close on Friday, August 9th at midnight
Winner announced on Monday, August 12th during the day

Best of luck! This is a good one!

69 thoughts on “…a Oiselle giveaway!

  1. Congrats on being renewed! I would love to win and run in some sweet Oiselle gear.

  2. Glad you are continuing on with this great flock! Nice giveaway prizes!

  3. congrats and I am jealous!

  4. Congrats! I would love to win!!

  5. Ahh how amazing! Congrats! I would love to rock some Oiselle. 🙂

  6. I would love to win! What a fun sponsor you have !!!

  7. Oiselle has great clothing!

  8. Congrats! Love Oiselle. Great company & great products.

  9. love oiselle and congrats on the team! please enter me!!!!! enjoy the new goodies they’re coming up with this year!

  10. Congrats! Those shirts are cute!

  11. Congratulations! I’d love to win some Oiselle shirts! 😀

  12. I’ve been wanting to try Oiselle for a long time! I hope I win.

  13. I love the color of the rundelicious! Congrats on making the roster again!

  14. Reblogged this on amy (up north) runs and commented:
    Check out an Oiselle giveaway at The Blonde Runs!

  15. Congrats! Being part of a team is so much fun and I swear it has made me a lot faster!

  16. i love Oiselle. I met a sponsored athlete, Allison in Vail last year and she was surprised I was wearing rogas. She tweeted a picture of us wearing matching shorts. 🙂

  17. These shirts are super cute!

  18. Congrats on the renew!!! Oiselle is so awesome and you are one lucky chica!

  19. congrats! i’ve enjoyed your oiselle adventures this past year – yay for one more year!

  20. i am obsessed with oiselle! awesome giveaway!

  21. Congrats on the renewal!! I’ve been coveting Oiselle gear for a long time now!

  22. Congratulations on another year with Oiselle Team! I just started reading your blog and very much enjoy it. 🙂 And thank you for sharing beautiful Oiselle duds with one lucky person! I’ll be tweeting about it @write2run 😀

  23. I’m just learning about Oiselle and loving the community of women they are buildling. If the clothes are half the quality of the women then they’ll be spectacular.

  24. Congrats on a great experience w/the team, continue learning and growing!

  25. I’m a newbie to the team and just discovered your blog — lots of good stuff! Looking forward to a great year with Oiselle and meeting lots of cool new people. Good luck with your running!

  26. I’ve wanted to try Oiselle’s gear for a while – perf opportunity!

  27. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  28. I’m glad you were renewed and that I found your blog. I am a new teammate and I am just poking around your blog now. You are awesome. 🙂

  29. Congrats on another year. Would love to win those sweet shirts!

  30. I would love to win some Oiselle gear. I missed the boat on applying for this year but I really want to be a Oiselle ambassador next year. Congrats on running for them again!

  31. I’ve been wanting to try out Oiselle’s line for a while now. Love the blog too!

  32. Congrats on getting to run for Oiselle again. I’m super jealous, I applied but wasn’t selected. Love their clothes and what the brand stands for!

  33. Congrats on the renewal! I have always wanted to try Oiselle gear. I have heard great, great things!

  34. Congratulations on being a bird!! Very exciting – and huge goal/dream of mine to someday be one too!!

  35. I love Oiselle!

  36. Those shirts look comfy – never wore Oiselle before – fingers crossed!!

  37. I don’t own anything from Oiselle, but after being in a van for 30 hours with Meghan (@enduroTwerd) I have been dying for some Oiselle clothes. Please enter me in the giveaway, so that I won’t be left out on the Oiselle fashion in Ragnar CO!

  38. After sitting in a van with Meghan (@enduroTwerd) for 30 hours and her raving about Oiselle and showing off all the cute outfits… I’ve been dying for some Oiselle of my own. Please enter me!

  39. Congrats! I’d love to win some Oiselle goodies. Love the company and what they stand behind!

  40. I’ve tweeted about your giveaway!

  41. Awesome–congrats!

  42. Congratulations! It looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  43. The BEST giveaway EVAH!! thank you and congrats…. Oiselle has been everywhere latley!! love it!

  44. Love your blog and love Oiselle!

  45. woot woot! i’m a new bird and excited to join the team. love oiselle and am pumped to run for them. great giveaway 🙂

  46. Congrats on year #2 with Oiselle! Great stuff ahead!

  47. Congrats on another year with Oiselle! I got my letter on Aug. 1st that I am a new Oiselle bird and I’m so excited! Looking forward to following you and hearing about your journey 🙂

  48. the yellowish green one looks so stylish, wow!

  49. i tweeted @kolpin4680

  50. Love this company, their clothes, their philosophy and the wonderful women they support

  51. So jealous you got to go to Oiselle HQ and meet the fantastic women behind the company! I can’t wait til I get a chance to do that! Congrats on making it another year on the team! Same here, lets run fast girl!

  52. I love your blog and those are some cute workout clothes! Congrats on making it another year!

  53. Oh rundiculous! I tried that on at the sample sale and I’m kicking myself for not buying it…would love to win it!

  54. Oiselle seems like such a wonderful company with all they do to support women in running and other sports. congratulations on making it on the team for another year!

  55. Great giveaway! I’m new to the oiselle team this year and so excited to be a part of it!!

  56. An extra entry for @evelinruns for her tweet! Thank you!

  57. An extra entry for @mellebeth for the tweet! Yay!

  58. An extra entry for @tricoachdawn for the tweet! Sweet!

  59. Tweet from @ashrunner26! Woohoo!

  60. Tweet from @rfaura! ❤

  61. Tweet entry for @KristenL_DYL

  62. Tweet entry for @endurotwerd

  63. Tweet entry for @hroberts123

  64. Tweet entry for @lcavs15

  65. Tweet entry for @GlickMari

  66. Tweet entry for @pugyoga

  67. Tweet entry for @FitChickNYC

  68. Hi I’m new to ur blog!! Would love to win 🙂

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