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…Ragnar Colorado-5 Things



In just 2 short days, I’ll be embarking on my next great adventure. Ragnar Colorado. I am beyond excited!

While typically a 12-person, 2-van team, Ragnar pushes your limits. Running several legs over 30 hours with very little sleep.

My experience will only be slightly different. I will be running on an ultra team. 6 runners, 1 van, extra running, and less sleeping. In total, I’ll run a little over 30 miles in just as many hours (or hopefully less).


Ragnar has been posting from my team, Team High Nuun, on their blog and you should read! I was recently featured for the 5 Things a Newbie Should Know About Running Ragnar Colorado. Long title and only a slightly longer post.

Enjoy all of our IG fun and tweets when you follow us over this 2 day journey!



2 thoughts on “…Ragnar Colorado-5 Things

  1. So proud of you. You inspire me to run harder, faster, farther.

  2. Good luck!!! I hope my running can only improve from here and I get to do a Ragnar!!

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