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You guys. Where has the time gone?! It is nearing the end of October and I haven’t blogged in…a long time. The start of the school year has had me completely preoccupied. But with a few moments to spare between my 6am MSP>DEN flight and returning to work for the afternoon, I give you The Best of the Best from Ragnar CO sponsors!

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 11.56.55 AM

A brand new running “accessory” for me. And now one of my favorites! This well-made wristband fits perfectly on either wrist, allowing for most of my unsightly running secretions to be swabbed, dabbed, or completely wiped away. We don’t need to talk about those “others.” But with Handana, no more wiping my nose, eyes, forehead, mouth, etc., with the back of my hands, fingers, or the sleeve of my shirt. And after the run, throw it in the wash to be used again and again. I desperately need several so I can rotate through, and hey, a girl’s gotta have some color in her running wardrobe!!

When I ran my first leg, I wasn’t sure how it would feel. Would it be too hot? Would I notice it? Would I get annoyed with it? Let me tell you, it completely surpassed my expectations! It sits low enough on the wrist so as not to interfere with my Garmin. And while it was a little warm at first, I soon forgot about it (as you would ANY new product you might be using for the first time until you get used to it), except for its great benefits!

HANDs down, I would recommend this product for sopping up all of your workout facial secretions. I just wouldn’t volunteer to go anywhere near it after your 6th leg in a Ragnar Relay…

Sweaty Bands
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.37.54 AM

I reviewed Sweaty Bands several years ago, as I have so much love for this company and their product. So when I asked if they would sponsor our Ragnar team, I was SO excited that they agreed. And of course, they supported our country High Nuun theme with cowboy inspired headbands.

They are the only headband I wear when running, working out, hanging out because they are the only headband that actually stays put and never slips on my head. I love that they offer so many options within their store: band widths, patterns, solids, textures, custom designs. Anyone could find what they are looking for by perusing their online store. Or, simply search for local stores in your area that carry Sweaty Bands. They are found in the smallest of athletic stores (No Name local stores) to the largest of department stores (Nordstrom).

Sweaty Bands retail in stores across all 50 states, as well as 11 countries. Truth: I bought one in Victoria, Canada. Plus, they are Made in the USA!

They have even been featured on the Today Show and in O Magazine.

I also highly recommend this product! Go buy! Now!

Since this post was about ‘bands, I should have titled this one Best of the Bands. Or Battle of the Bands. Or something like that.


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