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…2014 intentions


I had intended to blog more consistently this year.  Look where that got me.  Guess I’m holding true to my commitment of keeping it at a new post every quarter.

January 1 hit and I have just been swamped with life.  And when I do sit down and consider writing up a post about the goings-on of said life, I choose instead to  have a glass of wine and do nothing for those sparse, fleeting moments.  You know how it is.

There are plenty of things to write about, and some really exciting changes (besides getting married in June) coming my way that I can’t wait to share, but for now let’s stick with my intentions.  Running intentions.  Race intentions.

March 15 – Sharin O’ The Green (registered)
April 13 – Horsetooth Half
April 26 – Cheyenne Mountain Trail Half
May 17 – Sageburner 50k
May 26 – Bolder Boulder 10k
June 14 – Leadville Marathon (registered)

To say that 2013 was great is a ridiculous understatement.  I pushed and challenged myself in ways I didn’t think I could.  I met and reacquainted myself with runners all across the US.  I tried new distances and I ran a bunch of miles (1665 to be exact, or 2679.5 km for my “not in Amurica” readers). Thus, I’m thrilled to see what will come my way in the running community in 2014.

Be looking for some exciting news I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks!  Plus, those race recaps and some awesome Oiselle items that landed and will be landing…


7 thoughts on “…2014 intentions

  1. So excited you are doing Leadville full! Joe and I actually wanted to do that one, but have a wedding in philly that same day 😦
    So…decided to just go for the 50- haha.

  2. Realize you will have other priorities than running, but you still need to book a race in Alberta. I’m not even insisting on Calgary. Alberta. See how much I’m willing to give? Have fun!

  3. 1. blogging is hard! especially when the weeks blow right past!
    2. loving that race schedule!!!

  4. excited for whatever big plans you have brewing over there!

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