The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'




It all happened a few weeks ago in a small Colorado mountain town. Our family and closest friends, many coming from out-of-state, were in attendance. We were grateful and overjoyed to have so many, come from near and far, to celebrate with us!  It was truly everything we wanted and had hoped for; the perfect day, the perfect weekend.  I am blessed beyond measure and I know I’ll love him until my last breath…




10 thoughts on “…OUR WEDDING

  1. You look SO amazing!!! I love the lace on your dress and that back drop is pretty incredible 🙂 so happy for you two!!

  2. Congratulations!! Your dress is stunning!

  3. Congrats to you both! Beautiful picture. All my Best to you both! Xo

  4. I am SO SO SO happy for you both!!! I loved seeing all the pics on IG and FB….Absolutely LOVE your dress and you looked stunning!!
    Makes me even more excited for our day in March!!!

  5. What a gorgeous picture!! Congrats!

  6. You look stunning!!! Congrats!! 🙂 hope you two love birds are enjoying Australia!

  7. Great picture!! Wow, your dress is amazing!!

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