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…a visit to Five More and Sydney


This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to take an early peek at a new activewear/lifestyle clothing store opening in the Paddington suburb of Sydney, Australia. Paddington, in and of itself, is chic and trendy, with Victorian-clad shop fronts featuring boutiques, cafes, art galleries, and wine. And its’ bustling Oxford Street is the ideal place for Five More to set up a brick and mortar (originally an online-only store). I met with the lovely Catherine, the brain behind the boutique, as she was putting the final touches on her beautiful space.

Of course, Five More sells a brand that is near and dear to my heart: Oiselle. And I loved hearing Catherine talk about how well this US-based brand is doing in Australia.

Catherine dressed all of her window store-front dollies from head to toe in Oiselle. What a sight!


I am excited for Five More and all of their potential, as well as that of Oiselle in a relatively untapped area.

Afterwards, Nick and I did some Sydney touristy things:

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Bondi Beach


5 thoughts on “…a visit to Five More and Sydney

  1. Wow – so cool to see Oiselle overseas! Your trip looks amazing so far 🙂 did you guys get to take a honeymoon right after the wedding or will you do an Oz trip now that you’re together again??

    • We stopped in Fiji on our way to AUS. But, we also have a short and long list of places we’d like to visit while here, depending on how long we stay. 🙂

  2. So awesome. Keep posting pictures of AUS. I am living vicariously through you!

  3. What a pleasure to meet you Rebekah! We can’t wait to run with you, and who knows what else we’ll get up to?! Oiselle has just launched a swimwear line, right?..xx

  4. Reblogged this on Fivemore and commented:
    Oiselle Team member, Rebekah Adams will be joining us for the Sydney Running Festival in September! She’s just moved to Australia from Colorado and we’re looking forward to getting to know her during her stay. We’ve all experienced how welcoming the international community of runners is and now it’s our chance to welcome Rebekah into ours.

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