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Aussie East Coast Road Trip: Canberra & Sydney

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We didn’t have too many plans around Canberra. It’s not a lively coastal town with beaches a-plenty and heaps of water activities in which to partake. It’s small. It’s government. It’s all business. Or mostly. There are museums and theatres and markets and such. Even Australians aren’t excited about Canberra. But, we took them to Parliament House so they could read all about Commonwealth countries. We took them to Red Hill, with a sweeping view of Canberra. Also good for many of my roo photos, if you happen to follow me on IG. We took them to some local eateries. We took them to Target (which has no affiliation to the Target in the US, by the way), so they could see that they really are completely different. But we mainly just relaxed for those two days.

Parliament House

So, on the 12th, we drove back up to Sydney and gave them a little tour. But I made sure we stopped at a Big Thing about an hour from Canberra. I had not forgotten about them!

The Big Merino (you should see his back side)

And once finally in Sydney, we started on the north side with a drive though Manly and the Sydney Harbour National Park so they could see views on the opposite side.

Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The City

Some kookaburra’s joined us in the park.

We happen to be in town during the Australian Open and saw some famous people.

These folks are always out bustering with their didgeridoo’s and selling boomerangs.

And for the night shots. I have definitely fallen in love with Sydney…

The Opera House

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The City

In Hyde Park, an ANZAC memorial with reflection pool.

We also paid a visit to the Sydney Olympic Park, hoping to see the rings, as you can in some of the other Olympic parks we’ve visited. No go. They are rusting away in a metal yard somewhere. Seriously.



A lovely way to end our two weeks with Tia and Jason. They departed late afternoon on the 13th and Nick and I headed back to Canberra for a sleep or two.


Nick and I still weren’t certain if we would stay in Canberra for the remainder of our holiday or not. Would we regret sitting around the rest of the week when we could be going somewhere new? What was reasonable to do in just a few days? How far would/should we go?

11 January to 14 January

This Stretch- ~606km/376m
Total- ~5544km/3444m

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 11.29.20 AM


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