The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'

…One journey’s end



Coming home is a tricky thing.

We are sorting through a lot of feelings and emotions as we leave behind our life in Australia and transition to creating a new normal in the US.

I’m having a hard time properly describing this past AMAZING year in another country; equally struggling to articulate what it feels like to be back “home.”

Being patient as I work through all of this. Knowing it will get easier. Knowing I will never be the same person.


7 thoughts on “…One journey’s end

  1. Welcome back. Hope re-entry goes well.

  2. Welcome home! I’ve loved following your trip Down Under. So many things I’d like to see for myself. After that sort of drive, getting up to Calgary is nothing. NOTHING! We have lots of great races up here….

  3. I haven’t lived in another country. So your emotions are probably magnified by that.. But I get moving to a fun and interesting place and then back “home” . It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Bittersweet. Be so grateful for the year you had and cherish the memories close. It will get easier to be “home” and you’ll never forget the times you had. Plus, you can always visit. It’s not quite a journey ended. Just one that you are changing for the moment.

  4. welcome home!! 🙂 thanks for all of your words of encouragement and support – i’m sure i’ll be looking to you throughout your re-integration back home, too. 🙂

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