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…the briefest summary


Oh hey.  Perhaps this unintentional hiatus was more a Freudian slip for allowing myself to just be.

Be back in Colorado.

Be back with our dog.

Be back to classroom teaching.

Be back around family.

Just be.

So, while 9 months has felt like a long time to not write down a single thing here about what it’s like to be back in Colorado and back in the States and back to old places and faces, it’s actually gone quite quickly. And as spring so often brings that feeling of renewal,  perhaps this is the perfect season of renewal here at TBR. Let’s cut right to the chase and talk running the past 9 months.  In brief, of course…


In the best kind of news, running news, I was able to finally do something this past autumn that I have always wanted to do:  CREW/PACE

In August, I crewed for Courtney at Leadville 100. It was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been a part of.  If there was any bit of me that was somewhat considering an ultra longer than 50k, this weekend would certainly cause those feelings to multiply.


In October, I crewed and paced for Gina at Javelina Jundred. Another awe-inspiring weekend that left me craving more. More of that high, more lack of sleep, and more of being surrounded by amazing trail and ultra runners. And maybe that little niggle of wanting more than just a 50k for myself grew into an absolute scratch. More on this later.


In January, I met my Aussie mate, Amanda, in Florida for the Goofy Challenge. 1/2 marathon on Saturday, full marathon on Sunday.  And they were both my tenth, to boot. We had an absolute blast meeting all of the best princesses and walking around all of the parks.

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 6.26.15 PM

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 6.26.58 PM


And now, I’m just training. Back to miles of trials, trials of miles; for a fairly packed summer and autumn of running. Pretty excited to share all of those plans in the coming weeks.

See, you didn’t miss out on all that much in my little running sphere.




2 thoughts on “…the briefest summary

  1. Hi, you know what some (mercifully silent for a long time now) would say about being absent 9 months. Me, I saw welcome back!


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  2. love you! Best crew/pacer EVER!! ❤

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