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…Oiselle Izumo SS Review

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I was contacted by Oiselle to give a #straightscoop review on a few of the new S16 styles that have recently been released.

Izumo Short Sleeve


I took the Izumo out on its inaugural run as a layering piece when I was visiting a friend in Washington last week.  It worked beautifully, but I was interested to see how it would hold up solo.  And so, I threw a 6×1 minute hill sprint at an 8%+ grade at it and the results were amazing.

  • Wicking:  Even though we have a dry climate here in Colorado, don’t underestimate the ability to still sweat it out.  The Izumo wicked and had a “barely-there” feel throughout the warm up, workout, and cool down.
  • Seamless:  The Izumo is part of Oiselle’s seamless collection, so there are no annoying seams which means no annoying chaffing.  While I’m not prone to chaffing, I can be just as bothered by seams as the next gal.  These tops are cut from tubes.
  • Versatile:  I loved the subtle, delicate detailing on the sides of this top.  You can see a bit of it in the photo above.  One of my favorite things about Oiselle is that the clothes are so versatile.  Even the smallest detailing allows me to wear their tops from day, to run, to night.
  • Fabric: If you’re familiar with Oiselle, you are familiar with the legitimate hype behind the Lux fabric. Those who love it would gladly make their everyday “live-in” fabric.  Well, the Arque Nyelle fabric is so butter soft, that I’d suggest it to be the Lux’s sweet little cousin.


I absolutely loved this top.  Not only for the above mentioned reasons, but I really liked the color, too!

Buy it now through Oiselle!


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