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…Oiselle Window Tights Review

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Window Tights

Oiselle asked for the #straightscoop on the Window Tights.  Honestly, it seems I’m always looking for an excuse to wear these pretties!

  • Function: I’ve put these beauties through the test with yoga, hill sprints, and a middle-distance run. They were perfect for every workout! The hidden back pocket is also a necessity for me.
  • Fit: Let’s face it–not all tights are created equal. What a boring world that would be. But these tights, even without a drawcord, don’t budge! There is a bit of give (not bunching) in the Nyelle leg fabric, especially in the back of the knee, so if you want a snug fit, size down.
  • Style: Holy gorgeous! The waistband and ankle prints are fem fierce, the lateral ankle curve/zipper and mesh panels are flirty, without sacrificing overall function.

*I am also wearing the Wazzie Wool Tank which is amazing! 90 minute yoga and not a bit of sweat on my torso. Longer bodice covers the hips comfortably. I’m thinking a perfect addition to my summer mountain running wardrobe.

Buy them at Oiselle!  Window Tights Wazzie Wool Tank


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