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…week 2: Boston Training

I spent the majority of Week 2 in Maui, Hawaii, and while my intent was to get close to 50 miles for the week, it just wasn’t going to happen. What was happening were Mai Tai’s, sun, and relaxation. Even facing some of my fears.

Don’t be fooled by that “51 miles” nonsense. I’m not even sure I can count that 21 miler since it was on a road bike. Downhill.

Week 2: Boston
Goal: 50 miles
Actual: 30.11 miles

Monday: 7.11 miles
The brief sprinkles of rain were followed by a whole lot of sun! I ran on the Beachwalk, past all the fancy resorts, and northwest into some neighborhoods. A ton of runners on this route.

Tuesday: 3 miles
The boy and I ran barefoot on the beach, right where the waves were cascading around our ankles. We were often doing high knees to keep our momentum. I love this part of beach vacations! I was scheduled for 5 miles, but cut it to 3 because I was afraid my calves would be on fire the next day for my 10 miler.

Wednesday: 10 miles
The calves were NOT on fire. In fact, I wasn’t sore at all from the beach run. I ran these 10 miles along the same route I had run for the 7 miler. The scenery is beautiful, so I found no reason to find a new route.

After my run, the boy and I tried something new: Paddle Boarding. I’m sure you’ve seen the celebrities in People and US Weekly doing this (or so my bff says). Paddling, while standing on a “surf” board. It’s tougher than it looks, especially for someone who is mostly afraid of the water. That’s me. I’d like to blame my brother for this fear, because of the time when we were kids and he thought it would be funny to hold me under water at the pool. Yeah. Real funny. But, I’m sure there is something else that causes that fear. Anyway, it’s so tough because of the balance You start on your knees and once you feel balanced, you can pop up to standing position. Then, you have to feel comfortable with the balance once standing before you start paddling. For the first while, I was often up and down, just getting comfortable on the board. But once I was able to rock with the waves, instead of resisting them, I was able to stand and paddle. With the constant kneeling-to-standing routine, my quads were the muscles that ended up being on fire! For 4 days! The boy and I saw a sea turtle, not 15 yards away!

Thursday: 21 miles (bike)
The boy and I woke up at 3am to make our way to the top of Haleakala. At 10,023 feet elevation, we watched the sunrise and then road biked down to the bottom. It was so cold! And the wind was really blowing! But the view was beautiful and the ride was memorable.

Friday: off day (travel)
We took an overnight flight back to Colorado. I didn’t sleep much at all.

Saturday : off day (travel)
When we landed to 2 feet of snow, if was in complete climate shock! I was immediately pinning for those warm breezes and hot sun. I had planned to do my long run today, but I was so tired from the lack of sleep on the planes, that I opted out. I was also starting to get a little sick. Chest congestion and the beginnings of a cold. I slept, instead.

Sunday: 10 miles
I was feeling crummy. And I had planned on taking another day off. I’m lazy like that, I guess. But Erika suggested a 10 miler before our friends baby shower. I met her at the Boulder Creek Trail because we knew it would be clear of the snow. It was definitely a tough run, but I’m glad I was able to get in a quasi-long run and add more mileage to the week.

Given the fact I was on vacation, I was happy with putting in as many miles as I did. I suppose if I’m going to have a significant cutback week, it should happen sooner than later in the training program. And it should definitely happen on vacation.

More photos from the trip, coming up. Promise.



…week 1: Boston Training

I’m in climate shock. I returned from paradise this morning to just under 2 feet of snow in Colorado. And while you’d think that with all that snow, we’d have some moisture in the air, think again. My already out-of-place tan and supple skin, was sucked dry the moment I walked off the plane. I’ve been bathing in lotion ever since. Here is a little sneak peek:

Being in Maui the past week has put me behind in blogland. There are several items to attend to. The first being a review of my first week of Boston training. I’m only a week behind on this! I’ll then have to get to my week 2 recap right away, so I can post some pics of the island and the boy’s and my adventures! Also, the very important Virtual Run for Sherry is just a week away, and I want to make sure I get in a plug. I’ll be meeting up with SUAR at the Boulder Res next weekend. A run I’d be a fool to miss.

For Boston 2012, I am using an adaptation of the 55-70/12 Pfitz marathon training program. I say “adaptation” because I base my daily runs on his program, but might not always stick to it. I reference my own past training plans, as well as any influences from other programs I have used, or read about.

As mentioned before, I’ve been logging my miles for 2012 on I love this format! And, I downloaded the iPhone app so I can add my workout right away. My weeks run Monday through Sunday.

*Thanks Aron for the idea of posting the dailymile graph! Hope you don’t mind…

Week 1: Boston
Goal: 45 miles
Actual: 43.21 miles

Monday: 6.56 miles
Met up with Erika for a warm up. She was doing a hill workout, and we agreed that I would run my distance and meet up with her again for the cool down. Worked like a charm!

Tuesday: 5 miles
Lululemon run club. We hit 4 miles or so, and since I’m a slave to the numbers, I added another mile afterward.

Wednesday: 7 miles
Met up with Erika for a very windy run on a new trail. I think the trail has a lot of potential, but it’s wide open, set up against the Flatirons, so we were an open target for the gusts of wind. We’ll have to try it when January/February are over!

Thursday: 5 miles
This easy, recovery run was followed by a Level 2 yoga class. I’m really liking yoga! But, I find that I need to eat something quick in between the workouts. I’ve gotten a little lightheaded during some of the poses.

Friday: 15.5 miles
Erika and Danielle agreed to do a Friday afternoon long run with me, since I was going out of town the next morning. It was nice to have the long run done for the weekend, but it took some adjustments during the day. Namely, with food. It was cold, and headlamps were in order for the final few miles. I tried the newly discovered Peanut Butter GU Energy Gel and really liked it! It’s still a little sweet for me (my entire problem with the gels in the first place), but I could definitely buy more of these! Danielle had a great idea of trying Boulder’s very own Justin’s All-Natural Peanut Butter packets, since they are true peanut butter, not a gel. I picked up some of the almond butter packets (no peanut butter packets at the Sunflower Farmers Market I went to) to try it out.

Saturday: off day for travel

Sunday: 4.15 miles
An easy recovery run along the Ka’anapali Beachwalk in Maui. The sun was out. The waves were gently crashing. It was a pleasant way to end week 1!

Overall, I’m pleased with the week. I was only a couple of miles off of my goal. As long as I hit the long run, I knew I’d be fine with whatever was in between.


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…the 2012 goals in her head

Happy New Year!

A new year for new goals! Running goals that is…

Drink more water
Because we all should. But I’ve become bored with water, so I need to add lemons or limes or experiment more with flavored waters. Or just suck it up and drink it.

Pilates or yoga. Light weights and more abs. Tone up. Because I don’t think the swimming thing is going to happen yet.

Because I feel better. And foam roll. And ice. And take better care of me.

Explore a 30 miler
After Rim Rock, I was tired. But I briefly thought what if I could have run a few more? When I told the boy this fleeting thought, he suggested a 30 miler. Not a huge ultra, but something of a new challenge. Surely there would be some 30 mile races in Colorado. So, I’d love to look into it and just see what some possibilities might be for the end of 2012.

Leadville Half Marathon
The boy is so good about challenging me and offering food for thought. After we both read Born to Run, we discussed the possibility of running one of the races in the Leadville Series. Nothing like the 100. Or even the 50. I’d be surprised if I could run much farther than a few miles at the 13,000 foot elevation, but the half marathon looks rather appealing.

While I typically do a decent job of tracking all of my miles, I want to explore a different mode. In the past, I’ve been a slave to spreadsheets. I don’t mind spreadsheets. In fact, I like them very much. But in 2012, I want to utilize some of the online mile trackers that will also allow me to connect with other athletes. Enter Dailymile. I subscribed a while ago, but because of my Type A- personality, didn’t want to begin entering info until January 1st. You can follow my daily runs by clicking on the dailymile link on my right sidebar.

Boston Marathon
April 16. Patriots Day. I’ll be there for Round 2. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to run this epic course again. I know what to expect and perhaps my training will produce a time better than my previous there.

More trails
Get out of my routine and out of my comfort zone with the same old trails and paths I run. It’s time to expand my knowledge in an area abundant with trails.



…in unseasonably warm December weather

Headed out for a balmy 61 degree run today! 61. In mid-December. In Colorado. Yeah, not feeling like Christmas around here; except for the lights, music, and awful traffic.

Luckily, I’m finished with my Christmas shopping. Right down to the jingle bell collar and oversized dog bone for the dog. With my Winter Break under way, and a mostly free calendar for the next 2.5 weeks, I can enjoy this weather with some runs, sans headlamp (can’t wait for longer days!). And just in time, since my “off season” after the marathon is over.

I’ve been able to enjoy several weeks of cutting back, slacking off, and gaining weight. But Boston is a mere 17 weeks away, which gives me about 5 weeks to start increasing my mileage again before training officially starts.

Sunday: 4 miles/34:07/8:31 pace



…the 116th Boston Marathon in April!

I opened up the most wonderful email today before leaving for work. This was, obviously, besides all the wonderful emails I was opening from the boy who has now ventured into New Zealand.

The most wonderful, perfect email began like this:

Dear The Blonde,

This is to notify you that your entry into the 116th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2012 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.

It continued to detail information about my Acceptance Card, Number Pick-Up Card, and Welcome Booklet. Ah…the Welcome Booklet. It feels like just yesterday I was pining for that booklet back in 2009. Now I can begin to pine again!

I am thrilled to have been accepted into the Boston Marathon for a 2nd time! The entire process, for the 113th, was such an incredible experience for me: pre, during, and post*. I learned so much about myself; as an individual and as a runner. I can’t possibly approach this Boston the same as I did three years ago. I know too much. I’ve grown too much.

And while I’m already making mental plans about the training and the trip, I almost have to set it aside for now. Focus on the marathon at hand. Less than 8 weeks away. And so much to run.



*Read all about my 113th Boston (2009) experience in the Race Reports section on the top header

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…the 2012 Boston Marathon?

Well, it happened. I successfully submitted my entry for the 2012 Boston Marathon. There were no glitches, or hitches, slip-ups, or screw-ups. No bugs, blunders, or boo-boo’s. I simply filled out my information at 8am MST, clicked submit, and immediately received my BAA email which stated:

Thank you for submitting an entry to the 116th B.A.A. Boston Marathon. It is important to note that your Submission ID does NOT constitute entry into the race, but confirms that your entry has been received by the B.A.A.

This years entry into the Boston Marathon was set up via a rolling registration. Depending on your qualifying time, depended on your allowed day to register.

20 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Monday, September 12th
10 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Wednesday, September 14th
5 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Friday, September 16th
Open registration: Monday, September 19th

Even with the rolling registration, entrants are chosen by time, not on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, even if you register at 8am, but your time isn’t faster than the gal who registers at 1pm, you fall below her on the priority list.

I am hoping this actually bodes well for me since I was closer to the “10 minutes or faster” time, but still needed to wait until Friday’s registration. Perhaps I’ll be prioritized…

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous that the field would fill up before I would be allowed to register today. My teammate, Kelly, registered on Wednesday, and I had my fingers crossed until 8am this morning. And, everything went smoothly.

After work today, Kelly received an email from BAA that stated she had been officially registered! Perhaps by Monday, I’ll know…

Now I wait. Wait until that perfect email that says I am officially accepted. The thrill to run Boston again!