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…and uses the Nike Training app

I like apps. I like them even better when they are useful to me. And cheap.

The latest find (by the boy, not me) is the Nike Training app. For a minimal amount free, you can get more than 85 custom-built workouts that range from full body routines to targeted areas. Workouts vary from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on your choice.

Each workout is designed by combining different drills that are carried out for a certain number of seconds or minutes. They are often repeated during the routine, much like reps.

The only equipment you’ll need are a medicine ball and some dumbells (5-25#). And maybe a mat if you don’t want to sweat on the carpet or hardwood.

You can even set your workout to any album or playlist from your music library.

For those who are extrinsically motivated, workout rewards are offered, mainly for social networking bragging rights.

While it’s rumored that this app is specifically designed for women, the only proof of this is in the women-dominating tutorials. Both men and women alike have reviewed this app to the hilt, with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not bad. Go get it. Go.


*Thanks tekarazzi for the photo

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…the 2012 goals in her head

Happy New Year!

A new year for new goals! Running goals that is…

Drink more water
Because we all should. But I’ve become bored with water, so I need to add lemons or limes or experiment more with flavored waters. Or just suck it up and drink it.

Pilates or yoga. Light weights and more abs. Tone up. Because I don’t think the swimming thing is going to happen yet.

Because I feel better. And foam roll. And ice. And take better care of me.

Explore a 30 miler
After Rim Rock, I was tired. But I briefly thought what if I could have run a few more? When I told the boy this fleeting thought, he suggested a 30 miler. Not a huge ultra, but something of a new challenge. Surely there would be some 30 mile races in Colorado. So, I’d love to look into it and just see what some possibilities might be for the end of 2012.

Leadville Half Marathon
The boy is so good about challenging me and offering food for thought. After we both read Born to Run, we discussed the possibility of running one of the races in the Leadville Series. Nothing like the 100. Or even the 50. I’d be surprised if I could run much farther than a few miles at the 13,000 foot elevation, but the half marathon looks rather appealing.

While I typically do a decent job of tracking all of my miles, I want to explore a different mode. In the past, I’ve been a slave to spreadsheets. I don’t mind spreadsheets. In fact, I like them very much. But in 2012, I want to utilize some of the online mile trackers that will also allow me to connect with other athletes. Enter Dailymile. I subscribed a while ago, but because of my Type A- personality, didn’t want to begin entering info until January 1st. You can follow my daily runs by clicking on the dailymile link on my right sidebar.

Boston Marathon
April 16. Patriots Day. I’ll be there for Round 2. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to run this epic course again. I know what to expect and perhaps my training will produce a time better than my previous there.

More trails
Get out of my routine and out of my comfort zone with the same old trails and paths I run. It’s time to expand my knowledge in an area abundant with trails.



…and yoga’s

I’ve been feeling the need to cross-train. And by cross-train, I don’t mean biking and swimming. I can get in the shower and drown any day of the week. By cross-train, I mean yoga.

I’ve had some experience over the years with pilates, but when a co-worker asked if I’d want to take a yoga class with her, I jumped at the chance. It’s been a goal of mine to at least try it and see if it would be something I could start to incorporate into my training as a support to running. Extra core workout. A means of cross-training. This was going to be great! I could feel it!

We chose a mid-week session that happened to be a “level 2” course. Yikes. I’ve never done this before, I told Molly, think I’ll be okay? She hadn’t been in a long time, and assured me that given my current fitness and the fact that I’d done pilates before, I should be fine. I figured that I’d be pretty good at following along by doing some delayed poses, if nothing else.

Molly and I arrived at the studio. She with her yoga bag full of yoga things; me, empty handed. Luckily, this first session was free for me, as a newbie. As was the yoga mat that was thankfully cleaned and sanitized, as I would soon find to be much appreciated.

We walked into the dimly lit, quiet studio, and I suddenly felt like I had stepped off the plane into Louisiana in the middle of a July day. Like breathing through a wet towel. No big deal. I can handle this.

We position ourselves right in front of the mirrors, which I preferred. Then I could look out of the corner of my eye at everyone else to see how to make each pose. I was fully confident in cheating my way through this yoga class.

Our instructor, Jackie, begins the session with soft tones and drawing out all her words and sentences. A little annoying, but I know she is trying to create an ambiance. Like the dim lights, heat/humidity, body odor weren’t enough.

I find the poses to be totally doable and my true confidence is building. These deep stretches are feeling great! Especially on my left side, which has been tight in the piriformis/hip area.

As the class progresses, Jackie periodically walks over to the thermostat and increases the temp. I don’t know what the max was, but by the middle of the session, if felt like I was now sitting outside on a Louisiana sidewalk in the middle of a July day. That means, it was worse. The big guy next to me is dripping in sweat and I’m forming small puddles too. My hands don’t grasp on my mat very well anymore and I slip each time I do the Downward Dog.

The class wraps up and the temp lowers. But, you can’t really tell. We are given a cool lavender-infused hand towel and I drape it over my forehead and face. Feels like a little piece of heaven.

All in all, I loved it. Who wouldn’t want to be drenched in sweat in a small room with 20+ complete strangers? And I can’t wait to go again.