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…Oiselle Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

I am so excited to be a part of something Oiselle has up its sleeve! The Colorado chapter was asked to do a photo shoot for a little project they are working on. Of course I recruited my usual photographer, Nick, to take some shots while we were in Aspen and Crested Butte a couple of weekends ago. He took so many great ones (which is funny to me since I loathe pictures of myself) that I had a hard time narrowing it down! I sent my best off to Oiselle, but here a just a few for you…





We also saw 3 moose hanging out together!


Then we saw them a little closer. They came up by the road, we did not go down to them! Moose rules…

It was the perfect weekend to be up in the mountains to see the changing colors with a gorgeous white-peaked backdrop.





…Round 2 as Auntie

My great news was followed by more great news! I was gifted with a nephew this week!

Bridger McKinley was born on 9.12.12 weighing in at 8lb 11oz and 21″ long

Of course big sister, Juliet, is delighted. For now…

So, I guess it’s been a pretty happy week around here.

And did I mention that the leaves are changing and Colorado is simply beautiful right now? Fall running is my fave.



…in unseasonably warm December weather

Headed out for a balmy 61 degree run today! 61. In mid-December. In Colorado. Yeah, not feeling like Christmas around here; except for the lights, music, and awful traffic.

Luckily, I’m finished with my Christmas shopping. Right down to the jingle bell collar and oversized dog bone for the dog. With my Winter Break under way, and a mostly free calendar for the next 2.5 weeks, I can enjoy this weather with some runs, sans headlamp (can’t wait for longer days!). And just in time, since my “off season” after the marathon is over.

I’ve been able to enjoy several weeks of cutting back, slacking off, and gaining weight. But Boston is a mere 17 weeks away, which gives me about 5 weeks to start increasing my mileage again before training officially starts.

Sunday: 4 miles/34:07/8:31 pace


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…in cold weather

I wanted to chat a little bit about running in cold weather. Because here in Boulder, it’s been chilly. Teen’s and 20’s, chilly! At least we’ll be warming up into the mid to upper 30’s this week. Our fall has quickly transitioned to winter!

I’m going to give you fair warning, though, and let you know that I won’t be telling you to cozy up by the fire and sip a mug of hot cocoa. Save that for after the run.


One of the most important things to consider is what you’ll be wearing. Keep in mind that you should always dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer. This is due to your body heat; once you get going, you warm up quite a bit. Layering is a good way to start. I typically opt for wicking fabrics that can help with sweating; or those items that offer extra ventilation. On a very cold day, say, below 30 degrees, I’ll wear a wicking tank or short-sleeve top, with a long sleeve running top over that. Often, I’ll also wear a jacket. This is especially the case if there is wind, rain, or snow. I will also wear a hat or earwarmers and a pair of gloves.

My favorite pair of gloves are the Mizuno Running Glove Breath Thermo/Dryscience. They turn your hand sweat into heat! And they are the only gloves that keep my hands toasty warm. Even my fingers! I have other gloves that I wear on occasion, but the tips of my fingers always get so cold! I make sure my Mizuno’s are clean and dry before a run in really cold weather.

For bottoms, I love running tights. One pair is always fine for me.

As far as socks go, I’ll be sure to have a thick pair of SmartWool’s.

When temps really drop, either from a cold snap, or because the sun has set, I will sometimes use a neck gator that can easily slip up over my chin/nose. Another great item to wear if wind is involved!


Make sure that the route you choose is well-lit! While it will likely be dark when you are running, it also may be snowy or icy. Which also means, you might want a pair of these. Just be sure you have a good view for what is in front of you.


I would also recommend a headlamp. My Petzl headlamp is fantastic! And, it is always in my running bag!


Make sure that you have some warm clothes to change into soon after the run. If you are just running from home, I think a nice hot shower is a great way to warm up! Followed by that fire and hot cocoa, of course. However, if you are meeting someone, I recommend bringing an extra pair of socks and tops (sports bras, girls!). I love going out for some coffee or breakfast after a morning run, and I have been able to stay warm and comfortable with a fresh pair of socks and a new top. A pair of Uggs doesn’t hurt either!

When all is said and done, you’ll be glad you made it outside! And, of course, when blizzards hit, or you just can’t find the motivation, find a dreadmill for your workout. Or, make it your off day, and don’t sweat it. Literally.



…December’s first snowfall

December arrived with some pomp and circumstance, leaving a 7 inch dusting here around Boulder, Colorado.

I knew it was going to snow. And, I purposely planned on running, no matter the conditions, because I secretly love running in the snow. I love making fresh tracks. I love breathing in that crisp, cold air.

I don’t know if I run better, or faster in this type of weather, and I’m not sure I really care. In some ways, it’s a great challenge; and in others, it’s calming.

So, on this Thursday afternoon, I made my way outdoors, bundled up against the 25 degree weather. I wasn’t able to get too many miles in, due to the lack of light; roughly 4. But, I was happy to get out and enjoy December’s first snowfall.

I capped off the day with some decorating, because I heart Christmas so much! In case you can’t tell, those are nutcrackers above my kitchen cabinets. I have roughly 55. A collection that was started by my grandma, Mimi, when I was only 7. I would get one or two every Christmas, once my mom also decided to start giving them as well. Typically, I’m not a collector of knick-knack, paddywhacks, or things that collect dust. But for one month out of the year, I can tolerate a unique collection like this from someone who I miss very much.

Good luck to those running the Las Vegas Half/Full Marathon this weekend! And those running CIM!