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…Oiselle Window Tights Review

Window Tights

Oiselle asked for the #straightscoop on the Window Tights.  Honestly, it seems I’m always looking for an excuse to wear these pretties!

  • Function: I’ve put these beauties through the test with yoga, hill sprints, and a middle-distance run. They were perfect for every workout! The hidden back pocket is also a necessity for me.
  • Fit: Let’s face it–not all tights are created equal. What a boring world that would be. But these tights, even without a drawcord, don’t budge! There is a bit of give (not bunching) in the Nyelle leg fabric, especially in the back of the knee, so if you want a snug fit, size down.
  • Style: Holy gorgeous! The waistband and ankle prints are fem fierce, the lateral ankle curve/zipper and mesh panels are flirty, without sacrificing overall function.

*I am also wearing the Wazzie Wool Tank which is amazing! 90 minute yoga and not a bit of sweat on my torso. Longer bodice covers the hips comfortably. I’m thinking a perfect addition to my summer mountain running wardrobe.

Buy them at Oiselle!  Window Tights Wazzie Wool Tank


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…Oiselle Izumo SS Review

I was contacted by Oiselle to give a #straightscoop review on a few of the new S16 styles that have recently been released.

Izumo Short Sleeve


I took the Izumo out on its inaugural run as a layering piece when I was visiting a friend in Washington last week.  It worked beautifully, but I was interested to see how it would hold up solo.  And so, I threw a 6×1 minute hill sprint at an 8%+ grade at it and the results were amazing.

  • Wicking:  Even though we have a dry climate here in Colorado, don’t underestimate the ability to still sweat it out.  The Izumo wicked and had a “barely-there” feel throughout the warm up, workout, and cool down.
  • Seamless:  The Izumo is part of Oiselle’s seamless collection, so there are no annoying seams which means no annoying chaffing.  While I’m not prone to chaffing, I can be just as bothered by seams as the next gal.  These tops are cut from tubes.
  • Versatile:  I loved the subtle, delicate detailing on the sides of this top.  You can see a bit of it in the photo above.  One of my favorite things about Oiselle is that the clothes are so versatile.  Even the smallest detailing allows me to wear their tops from day, to run, to night.
  • Fabric: If you’re familiar with Oiselle, you are familiar with the legitimate hype behind the Lux fabric. Those who love it would gladly make their everyday “live-in” fabric.  Well, the Arque Nyelle fabric is so butter soft, that I’d suggest it to be the Lux’s sweet little cousin.


I absolutely loved this top.  Not only for the above mentioned reasons, but I really liked the color, too!

Buy it now through Oiselle!


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…the best of the best from Ragnar CO

You guys. Where has the time gone?! It is nearing the end of October and I haven’t blogged in…a long time. The start of the school year has had me completely preoccupied. But with a few moments to spare between my 6am MSP>DEN flight and returning to work for the afternoon, I give you The Best of the Best from Ragnar CO sponsors!

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 11.56.55 AM

A brand new running “accessory” for me. And now one of my favorites! This well-made wristband fits perfectly on either wrist, allowing for most of my unsightly running secretions to be swabbed, dabbed, or completely wiped away. We don’t need to talk about those “others.” But with Handana, no more wiping my nose, eyes, forehead, mouth, etc., with the back of my hands, fingers, or the sleeve of my shirt. And after the run, throw it in the wash to be used again and again. I desperately need several so I can rotate through, and hey, a girl’s gotta have some color in her running wardrobe!!

When I ran my first leg, I wasn’t sure how it would feel. Would it be too hot? Would I notice it? Would I get annoyed with it? Let me tell you, it completely surpassed my expectations! It sits low enough on the wrist so as not to interfere with my Garmin. And while it was a little warm at first, I soon forgot about it (as you would ANY new product you might be using for the first time until you get used to it), except for its great benefits!

HANDs down, I would recommend this product for sopping up all of your workout facial secretions. I just wouldn’t volunteer to go anywhere near it after your 6th leg in a Ragnar Relay…

Sweaty Bands
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.37.54 AM

I reviewed Sweaty Bands several years ago, as I have so much love for this company and their product. So when I asked if they would sponsor our Ragnar team, I was SO excited that they agreed. And of course, they supported our country High Nuun theme with cowboy inspired headbands.

They are the only headband I wear when running, working out, hanging out because they are the only headband that actually stays put and never slips on my head. I love that they offer so many options within their store: band widths, patterns, solids, textures, custom designs. Anyone could find what they are looking for by perusing their online store. Or, simply search for local stores in your area that carry Sweaty Bands. They are found in the smallest of athletic stores (No Name local stores) to the largest of department stores (Nordstrom).

Sweaty Bands retail in stores across all 50 states, as well as 11 countries. Truth: I bought one in Victoria, Canada. Plus, they are Made in the USA!

They have even been featured on the Today Show and in O Magazine.

I also highly recommend this product! Go buy! Now!

Since this post was about ‘bands, I should have titled this one Best of the Bands. Or Battle of the Bands. Or something like that.


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High Nuun Sponsors

As previously mentioned, my Ragnar team, High Nuun, had some incredible support for our 28 hour relay adventure through the Colorado mountains. I wanted to put out a post that referenced them all, though I will be doing some individual posts in the coming weeks.

Ragnar-Officially sponsored our team after winning the Wasatch Back a few months ago. I was not a part of the team when they made their debut, but was thankful to be included for Colorado.

Nuun-Officially sponsored as their name is in our team name: High Nuun. We were well hydrated and I discovered some new flavors I love!
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.33.04 AM

Kate Farms-Supplied us with delicious Komplete Meal Replacement Shakes
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.40.07 AM

Got Chocolate Milk-For our refueling purposes.
Start area

Wild Friends Nut Butter-Opened up our world to the most amazing peanut and nut butters out there! Can’t wait to buy a case of Chocolate Coconut!

Kind Bars-An assortment of their bars.

Energy Bits-An algae based energy tablet for extra boost.

Veggie-Go’s-Fruit and veggie strips consisting of ingredients not seen together before! Yum!
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.31.03 AM

Square Bar-The most flavorful organic, GF, DF, SF bars on the market. Tastes like dessert.

Positive Energy-Like Sunny D with a kick!

Sweaty Bands-Can’t say enough GREAT things about this company and their product. They only headbands I wear! They sent us a pattern to match our theme…
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.37.54 AM

Handana-Holy Awesome! My new favorite running accessory! Collecting all of my facial secretions like a boss. Bry sports the black one here.
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.29.23 AM

Endorphin Warriors-Beautiful, simple bracelets with a message to get you motivated. Perfect to run with!
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.38.14 AM

Roll Recovery-The latest massage roller for better recovery. Easy to use with great effects!

KT Tape-Great for targeting pain relief!

Scott James Jewelry-Sport specific jewelry to commemorate a race or distance. Easy to wear while training or competing.

Smith Optics-Because sometimes you just need sunglasses.

Surprised, blessed, and thankful for ALL the sponsors that contributed great and small for our relay! We appreciate each of you and couldn’t have run this race without your support.



…why the Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank is full of awesome

I’m back from Minnesota, and boy do I have a lot of fun stuff to cover: USATF Half Champs, running trails, a really cool dog (Chase), and more. But FIRST, I have to tell you how the Mio Mesh Tank was a win in the hot, humid weather of Minnesota.


I was definitely fashionably late to the Mio Mesh party. And what a mistake that was. This double-layered nylon mesh tank kept me surprisingly cool on those super sticky runs (i.e. 95% humidity). The light layers, combined with the mesh material, flowed and fluttered as I ran (not THAT fast-humidity feels like you’re breathing through a wet sock!), creating my very own homemade breeze. It was like I was running with an AC unit; or a big box fan, perhaps. And it made those super sticky runs a lot more bearable.

And for the ultra win, the Mio Mesh Tank transitions seamlessly for non-running activities. Shorts, skirts, swimsuit coverups? All, yes!

Trust me. This top is worth it! If not for yourselves (one Kanadian in particular), at least for the ladies in your life who deserve to feel like they are running with Kate Grace’s very cool cooling vest.

*Also featured in the #selfie: Strappy Bra



…to a GoodBelly Promo Event/GIVEAWAY!!!

Last month I attended a promotional event for GoodBelly. GoodBelly is a Boulder-based company that produces a probiotic juice drink intent on replacing the bad bacteria in your body with good bacteria. With 6 pounds of bacteria in each of our bodies, it’s important that the good outweigh the bad for healthy digestion. Here’s a little video to catch you up on probiotics, your intestines, and how it all works for your best health.

There you have it! And with over 10 juice flavors to choose from, anyone is bound to find the right one for their palate. Juices can be found through GoodBelly+, BigShot, StraightShot, and quarts. Most importantly, they are all dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan drinks.

GoodBelly has been featured on the Today show as well as in Justin Timberlake’s fridge. So why isn’t in your fridge?

Personally, this product really hit home. A great friend of mine is in remission for Colitis and GoodBelly has done wonders for those with Colitis or Crohns. They have even partnered with CCFA for a few of their walks in California.

The wonderful thing about GoodBelly is that they offer a 12 day challenge. Try it for 12 days and they guarantee you will feel a difference! Or your money back! Now that’s a challenge worth taking! I just started mine and you should too!

GoodBelly would love to do a GIVEAWAY on my blog for the 12 day challenge! THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A 12 DAY SUPPLY OF GOODBELLY! FREE!


If you want to play:

Please LEAVE A COMMENT telling me which flavor you’d like to try. This means you actually need to clickity-click on over to GoodBelly’s website.

For an extra entry, TWEET about my giveaway! Just leave another comment letting me know you tweeted.

And for a super extra entry, MENTION my giveaway on your blog and tell me you did so in the comments.

The contest will end on Thursday and the winner announced on Friday!


You can find more info here:


*Not open to residents outside of the USofA. Sorry… 😦



…with SaltStick Capsules

I’ve been meaning to review the SaltStick Capsules I’ve been long running with, but I just haven’t.

I’d explain my disdain for all Gel’s and Gu’s, but there is too much. Let me sum up: they make me nauseous. Like an I-don’t-want-to-run-anymore-just-want-to-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-on-the-bathroom-rug-and-unswallow-my-breakfast-or-lunch-or-dinner-or-whathaveyou. The Gel’s are just too darn sweet (much like me). Which is somewhat interesting to me since I have a sweet tooth. Or teeth. I’d easily make a meal of ice cream and cupcakes daily.

Oh sure, the Gel’s and Gu’s worked initially when I started distance running several years back. But just like that, they made me sick. So, I’ve experimented and made due with some Chomps, Blocks, and Chews. I’ve even brought peanut butter crackers and most recently Justin’s Peanut Butter packets.

But I have never tried salt capsules.

When talking to my Boston marathoning co-worker about her salt capsules, she shared a few with me for a 20 mile long run I did a few weeks ago. I took the recommended dosages, which ended up being 1 capsule at mile 9, and another at mile 17.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t really know what to look for after taking them. But I will say, that after my 20 miler, I felt like I could have kept on running. At least for a few more miles. The one thing I noticed was that at mile 17, after taking my 2nd capsule, I had major dry mouth. Perhaps I needed more fluid with it? I bought my own SaltStick Capsules after this long run and have used them since. I think it’s going to work great in conjunction with what I already use!

Here is all the science behind salt capsules, because I can’t really explain it. Something about sweating and replacing your sweat with salt (Yes, I really read all the research. I’m not that dumb). So, go get all smart about it and tell me in layman’s terms. AKA-Blonde terms