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…and uses the Nike Training app

I like apps. I like them even better when they are useful to me. And cheap.

The latest find (by the boy, not me) is the Nike Training app. For a minimal amount free, you can get more than 85 custom-built workouts that range from full body routines to targeted areas. Workouts vary from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on your choice.

Each workout is designed by combining different drills that are carried out for a certain number of seconds or minutes. They are often repeated during the routine, much like reps.

The only equipment you’ll need are a medicine ball and some dumbells (5-25#). And maybe a mat if you don’t want to sweat on the carpet or hardwood.

You can even set your workout to any album or playlist from your music library.

For those who are extrinsically motivated, workout rewards are offered, mainly for social networking bragging rights.

While it’s rumored that this app is specifically designed for women, the only proof of this is in the women-dominating tutorials. Both men and women alike have reviewed this app to the hilt, with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not bad. Go get it. Go.


*Thanks tekarazzi for the photo


…in the NEW! Lululemon Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

I have been running weekly with the local Boulder Lululemon run club on Tuesday nights. I love the group! And I love the girls over at the store! They’ve been sweet enough to let me promo the brand new pullover that hit the store just recently. Introducing the NEW…

Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

This is seriously one of the best cold weather tops I’ve worn for running. I’m not even kidding. The fabric alone feels like butter. It’s made from a lightweight, wicking nylon/lycra blend called “luon.” I stayed perfectly warm when the winds were blowing that night, but also well ventilated, thanks to the anti-stink, circle mesh panels on the sides. I didn’t overheat, as I tend to do in long sleeve running tops.

I’m a sucker for tops with thumbholes…

And to top it off, the Run: Your Heart Out Pullover also has cuffins so I can cover my little fingers when it gets really cold!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the gathering at the chest and the slight ruffle. I’m not too much of a girlie-girl, except when I paint my nails. Or cry. Or wear a great pair of heels. But, I actually liked the feature! It added just enough femininity, without going over the top. Not to mention the fact that all that gathering hid the slight THO I had in the 30 degree weather…any girl could get on board with that!

Another fantastic feature is the back pocket. Perfect for a key and/or credit card. Or, for a longer run, perhaps a few Shot Blocks or Gels.

I really loved that the top stayed put. It’s a little longer than what I typically wear in my cold-weather running tops, and I was afraid it would ride, causing me to have to readjust constantly. I never had to tug at the bottom! It hugged my hips just right.

I had zero chaffing and the long zipper made on/off easy.

While, the price tag of $108 is a little steep for what I might normally pay for a running top, Lululemon’s commitment to quality will guarantee this top to last you for many years!

I can’t wait to run again this weekend in my new Lululemon Run: Your Heart Out Pullover!