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…Boston 2012; Quick Update

It wasn’t pretty.

I figure if elites are collapsing and pulling out of the race, it’s got to be warm.

Thanks for everyone’s support and well wishes! You are making me feel so much better about a race gone bad.

More soon.




…before Boston 2012

I’m all in! The boy and I took an easy jog this morning before heading to the Boston Expo today for some most necessary items.

Tomorrow is the day and heat is on the way! BAA has sent numerous emails in the past 2 days with warnings about the unseasonable heat wave on Monday. The latest: 90 degrees as a high. The latest from BAA (after offering deferment to 2013):

-The weather conditions that we will be seeing on Monday, April 16 will involve even more risk. It will involve an increased element of risk to all participants due to the heat. Only the fittest runners should consider participating.

-Therefore, in cooperation with the Boston Marathon’s Medical Team, it is our recommendation that anyone entered in the marathon who has not met the qualifying standards for their age and gender strongly consider not running, and that they strongly consider deferring until next year.

-Everyone who does choose to participate should strongly consider running significantly more slowly that they normally would plan to run a marathon. We have extended the opening of our finish line in support of this recommendation.

-For the overwhelming majority of those who have entered to participate in the 2012 Boston Marathon, you should adopt the attitude that THIS IS NOT A RACE. It is an experience.

When asked if I was going to go ahead and run Boston this year, my response was quickly: OF COURSE! I have worked too hard for the past 12 weeks to just give it up. I don’t really know how many more Boston’s I will be able to run, due to qualifying times, possible goal changes, etc. So, I am going to run the ones I am able to! One day I will not be able to do this; today (tomorrow) is not that day! I may not have the best marathon time tomorrow, but I am going to approach this 26.2 as I do all the others: conserve. I know the training I’ve put in and I know what I am capable of. I am willing to adjust my race goals depending on weather and how I feel. And I am already prepared to take extra precautions thanks to the heat. But I am going to run it and I am going to finish it!

I’m ready for the morning and am excited for all the day will bring!

Talk to you on the other side!



…Boston with a different plan?

I wasn’t nervous about running Boston this year. I wasn’t nervous about the course. I was planning on running this marathon like I’ve run the other 6. I was planning on replaying the same mantras in my head. That is, until I saw 85 degrees for the high that day. Then everything changed.

(yes, that’s three sites I’ve been checking; call me obsessive, I really don’t care)

Now, I’m rethinking it all.

Adjusting my three goal times to something a little more heat-conscious. Adding some mantras like: Drink early, drink often. Taking my salt tablets a little more often. Hoping that spectators have wet paper towels, and taking as many as I can! Wearing sunscreen. Considering carrying water now.

The truth is, I’m still so freaking excited to go! And despite the weather, I’m going to run it the best I know how.

And then I’m going to hope that boyfriend throws ice chips at me when he sees me during the race.

Tomorrow, we leave!





That’s been the name of the game over here in Colorado. Boulder was bragging of gusts around 90mph.

Cars are being crushed by trees!

Box trucks are being blown over!

Wild fires are breaking out ad nauseum!

And a local avalanche closes one of our mountain passes.

This is serious, ya’ll!

I stayed in. I’d appreciate some credit for trying to do my speedwork on the dreadmill, but my fitness center was CLOSED because the outdoor heavy-metal, pool/patio furniture was picked up by the wind and flung into one of the fitness center windows, shattering it into a million little pieces. A mere 30 minutes before I go there! You should all just be happy I’m alive, because if I hadn’t been putting off that dreadmill run by texting the boy, discussing his hour flight-delay coming home to Colorado due to said winds, I would have most surely been hit by said heavy-metal, pool/patio furniture. And no one wants to die on a dreadmill. No one.


*Thanks Daily Camera and 9News for meeting my photo and link needs.