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…guess what tomorrow is?

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Conferences didn’t kill me.  Webmaster of our school’s website hasn’t either.  They’ve just made me question my sanity.

Ran a decent 14 miler this weekend. Now, it has me physched up for a race.  In a good way.  I am really looking forward to getting out on a cool, crisp, fall morning for a race.  Not that I’m expecting anything speedy, just that feeling…I’m already planning my 2013 race schedule. One of which I’ll be registering for on the 15th.

On another running note, I’m finally at that mileage status where I can justify run dates with friends.  Up until recently, I have primarily been running solo, or at least with Chase.  My brief hiatus and the gradual buildup have been healthy and good, but it’s so refreshing to pass the time chatting with Erika.

Oh by the way, be sure to stop by SUAR‘s site for a fantastic giveaway!  Even when I don’t win, I’ll be purchasing a ring for myself…or for a friend!



…a check-in

Things are crazy around here, so bear with me. I’d love to write over here in this little corner of my world, but it seems that parent emails, admin emails, reading/writing/math assessments are all getting the best of me. I’m a working girl again. Sue me.

I can promise that you aren’t missing out on too much.



…the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

Saturday morning, I bundled up against the frigid temperatures that fell on Boulder and the surrounding areas. A fresh blanket of dry, powdery snow had fallen overnight. I arrived at Coot Lake, the northeast entrance to the Boulder Reservoir, at 7:45am. A balmy 9 degrees. With my fists balled inside my gloves and layered sufficiently, I set out on the slippery, icy, snowy trails and backroads solo to complete as many miles as possible before meeting up with Beth and those who would run for Sherry. Despite the clouds, cold, and snow, the Colorado diehards were out in full force. In an area where many running groups and elite train, it’s hard to venture into this area without seeing the passionate.

I reflected on Sherry, someone I’ve never met, and the impact she has recently had in my life and in the global running community. I finished back at Coot Lake with 6 miles, recharged and warmed up in my car, and donned my bib.

People were starting to congregate. Beth arrived, greeting everyone with a big smile, a warm heart, and rememberance bracelets; which I’ve been wearing the past two days.

Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

Shortly after 9am, with a crowd of around 40 (I’m terrible with crowd guesstimates), Beth shared with us a little about Sherry, her life, and the type of person she was. We concluded with a moment of silence.

By now, Erika had met up with me and we ran for Sherry. A loop around the Res and Coot Lake for 6.6 miles. I took this shot of the run after popping out onto the road from the Boulder Res trail. If you look closely, you can see several groups of runners, single file, in the background.

By the time we had finished, the clouds had moved away and the sun was out. For me, it was a wonderful analogy of my emotions. I started the run feeling pensive and melancholy; but ended full of renewed hope as I ran the final miles of my 17 for the day.

Lots of love, Sherry. You will forever be in our hearts.


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…a Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold: February 11, 2012

Like many of you, I was keeping a close watch on the very unfortunate events that took place in January in a small town in Montana. I was devastated to learn that one of us; a teacher, mother, wife, daughter, runner; went on a routine early morning run, never to return. Sherry Arnold’s circumstances resulted in great reflection for me.

This hasn’t caused fear in me. I won’t stop running. I won’t stop doing what I love. It’s a newfound awareness and appreciation for this passion of ours. Knowing that life is precious and can be taken at a moment’s glance. A casual goodbye could be a final goodbye.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, SUAR is organizing a Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold. Print a bib, pin it to your shirt, and at 9am MST, run as little or as far as you’d like. Run for Sherry. Run to remember that one of ours is no longer with us, and to remember why we love what we do.

I am fortunate to live near SUAR, and I will be joining her for a rememberance run at the Boulder Res that morning. If you live around Boulder, or anywhere in Colorado, you should make it a point to be there too!

A facebook page for the run has also been set up. Post where you’ll run, add pictures, etc.

Please run. Run for Sherry.


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…with heightened awareness

I’ve been sick this week. Not with a cold or the flu. My heart’s been sick about Sherry Arnold.

Since SUAR first posted about the disappearance of Sherry, who went out for a typical evening run, I’ve been worried. And as each day went by, I worried more a little more, because we hadn’t received the news we wanted. Now, our worst fears are confirmed, because Sherry will not be coming back.

Words don’t accurately express the sadness I’ve been feeling.

Throughout this week, I have been a little more cautious, a little more aware. I have run more with friends and have told the boy where I’d be running more often. This week I’ve thought of Sherry. I’ve thought of my circle of running friends, and the greater running community.

Anything can happen out there on the roads and trails. Make sure you’re safe, that someone knows where you are, or that you’re not alone. Life is precious and can be taken sooner than expected. Hug the ones you love a little tighter.

SUAR wants to plan a virtual run in honor of Sherry, and there is no way I wouldn’t be a part of it.

Thoughts and prayers to SUAR and the rest of Sherry’s family.


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…in the wind

Thanks to that warm front that blew in, I ran in 60 degree temps yesterday! But with those nice shorts-weather-running temps comes wind. And if there is anything I hate more than running on a dreadmill, it’s running in wind. 44mph gusts. I swear, I felt every single one of them. It was the longest 5 miles ever. I know, because I timed it. On my new Garmin. There were moments I felt I was running in place. Or moments I was being pushed to the curb (yes, I was running on the sidewalks, because all our trails around here are an icy, snowy, melty, slushy, muddy mess). But I pushed through and finished those 5 miles. Hoping today would be better. It wasn’t. And rumor has it, it will be worse tomorrow.

What I have to look forward to is January. Because there’s all kinds of wind up in here in January. So, there very well be days that I’ll be taking to my other arch nemesis: dreadmill (as stated above).

Until then, I cherish the days where there is a calm in the air. And when there isn’t, I’ll braid my hair and wear sunglasses whether I need them or not and curse occasionally at the wind.

5 miles/42:45/8:32 pace (Thursday)
7 miles/1:04:02/9:08 pace (Friday)