The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'


…week 1: Boston Training

I’m in climate shock. I returned from paradise this morning to just under 2 feet of snow in Colorado. And while you’d think that with all that snow, we’d have some moisture in the air, think again. My already out-of-place tan and supple skin, was sucked dry the moment I walked off the plane. I’ve been bathing in lotion ever since. Here is a little sneak peek:

Being in Maui the past week has put me behind in blogland. There are several items to attend to. The first being a review of my first week of Boston training. I’m only a week behind on this! I’ll then have to get to my week 2 recap right away, so I can post some pics of the island and the boy’s and my adventures! Also, the very important Virtual Run for Sherry is just a week away, and I want to make sure I get in a plug. I’ll be meeting up with SUAR at the Boulder Res next weekend. A run I’d be a fool to miss.

For Boston 2012, I am using an adaptation of the 55-70/12 Pfitz marathon training program. I say “adaptation” because I base my daily runs on his program, but might not always stick to it. I reference my own past training plans, as well as any influences from other programs I have used, or read about.

As mentioned before, I’ve been logging my miles for 2012 on I love this format! And, I downloaded the iPhone app so I can add my workout right away. My weeks run Monday through Sunday.

*Thanks Aron for the idea of posting the dailymile graph! Hope you don’t mind…

Week 1: Boston
Goal: 45 miles
Actual: 43.21 miles

Monday: 6.56 miles
Met up with Erika for a warm up. She was doing a hill workout, and we agreed that I would run my distance and meet up with her again for the cool down. Worked like a charm!

Tuesday: 5 miles
Lululemon run club. We hit 4 miles or so, and since I’m a slave to the numbers, I added another mile afterward.

Wednesday: 7 miles
Met up with Erika for a very windy run on a new trail. I think the trail has a lot of potential, but it’s wide open, set up against the Flatirons, so we were an open target for the gusts of wind. We’ll have to try it when January/February are over!

Thursday: 5 miles
This easy, recovery run was followed by a Level 2 yoga class. I’m really liking yoga! But, I find that I need to eat something quick in between the workouts. I’ve gotten a little lightheaded during some of the poses.

Friday: 15.5 miles
Erika and Danielle agreed to do a Friday afternoon long run with me, since I was going out of town the next morning. It was nice to have the long run done for the weekend, but it took some adjustments during the day. Namely, with food. It was cold, and headlamps were in order for the final few miles. I tried the newly discovered Peanut Butter GU Energy Gel and really liked it! It’s still a little sweet for me (my entire problem with the gels in the first place), but I could definitely buy more of these! Danielle had a great idea of trying Boulder’s very own Justin’s All-Natural Peanut Butter packets, since they are true peanut butter, not a gel. I picked up some of the almond butter packets (no peanut butter packets at the Sunflower Farmers Market I went to) to try it out.

Saturday: off day for travel

Sunday: 4.15 miles
An easy recovery run along the Ka’anapali Beachwalk in Maui. The sun was out. The waves were gently crashing. It was a pleasant way to end week 1!

Overall, I’m pleased with the week. I was only a couple of miles off of my goal. As long as I hit the long run, I knew I’d be fine with whatever was in between.



…and yoga’s

I’ve been feeling the need to cross-train. And by cross-train, I don’t mean biking and swimming. I can get in the shower and drown any day of the week. By cross-train, I mean yoga.

I’ve had some experience over the years with pilates, but when a co-worker asked if I’d want to take a yoga class with her, I jumped at the chance. It’s been a goal of mine to at least try it and see if it would be something I could start to incorporate into my training as a support to running. Extra core workout. A means of cross-training. This was going to be great! I could feel it!

We chose a mid-week session that happened to be a “level 2” course. Yikes. I’ve never done this before, I told Molly, think I’ll be okay? She hadn’t been in a long time, and assured me that given my current fitness and the fact that I’d done pilates before, I should be fine. I figured that I’d be pretty good at following along by doing some delayed poses, if nothing else.

Molly and I arrived at the studio. She with her yoga bag full of yoga things; me, empty handed. Luckily, this first session was free for me, as a newbie. As was the yoga mat that was thankfully cleaned and sanitized, as I would soon find to be much appreciated.

We walked into the dimly lit, quiet studio, and I suddenly felt like I had stepped off the plane into Louisiana in the middle of a July day. Like breathing through a wet towel. No big deal. I can handle this.

We position ourselves right in front of the mirrors, which I preferred. Then I could look out of the corner of my eye at everyone else to see how to make each pose. I was fully confident in cheating my way through this yoga class.

Our instructor, Jackie, begins the session with soft tones and drawing out all her words and sentences. A little annoying, but I know she is trying to create an ambiance. Like the dim lights, heat/humidity, body odor weren’t enough.

I find the poses to be totally doable and my true confidence is building. These deep stretches are feeling great! Especially on my left side, which has been tight in the piriformis/hip area.

As the class progresses, Jackie periodically walks over to the thermostat and increases the temp. I don’t know what the max was, but by the middle of the session, if felt like I was now sitting outside on a Louisiana sidewalk in the middle of a July day. That means, it was worse. The big guy next to me is dripping in sweat and I’m forming small puddles too. My hands don’t grasp on my mat very well anymore and I slip each time I do the Downward Dog.

The class wraps up and the temp lowers. But, you can’t really tell. We are given a cool lavender-infused hand towel and I drape it over my forehead and face. Feels like a little piece of heaven.

All in all, I loved it. Who wouldn’t want to be drenched in sweat in a small room with 20+ complete strangers? And I can’t wait to go again.